What’s That Sound? 4 House Sounds You Shouldn’t Ignore

By admin / November 7, 2019

Our HVAC systems typically work around the clock to keep us cool or warm. Unfortunately, HVAC systems will need to be serviced often if we wish to keep them running optimally. However, we do not always have the expertise to recognize the signs of wear and tear. Our HVAC system is not normally within sight, and we oftentimes cannot physically see if it is damaged. Generally, the main thing that we depend on is sound. An HVAC system that is damaged will make various sounds that help us determine whether or not it needs repair. Let’s take a closer look at some of the sounds that you should take note of to determine if your HVAC might be breaking down.

Clicking Noises

Any kind of unusual noise that comes from your HVAC system can be unsettling. However, a clicking noise could indicate that something is seriously wrong. Normally, a clicking noise will indicate that that something is awry with the flame sensor or other components that deal with gas. It is very important that you contact the HVAC professionals to help you remedy this solution as fast as possible.


Rattling Noises

Having a constant rattling noise in your HVAC system is more annoying than anything else. You may want to get some peace and quiet but instead find yourself covering your ears due to the noise. It is important that you do not ignore rattling noises emitted from your HVAC system since they usually indicate that a fan or motor component isn’t working. A broken fan could mean that airflow isn’t being properly distributed into your home, and this can cause a buildup of dust that may negatively affect your health.

Loud Banging

These kinds of noises are sure to make anyone jump. Loud banging or booming noises are an indicator that there is a build-up of gas in your HVAC system. This can be potentially dangerous and the issue is something that you will want to fix right away. Ignoring this could lead to costly repairs in the future and leave you without a working furnace, so be sure to remain vigilant and call the professionals. The last thing that you want is to be left without heat whenever it gets cold outside.

Whistling Noises

Finally, whistling noises are a common occurrence whenever there are more air ducts closed than there are open. This is generally a non-issue and just requires you to open your ducts to allow ample airflow through your home. However, you will want to have it serviced if it continues after you open the ducts. It could be a sign that you need to have your air ducts cleaned.

Taking Care of Your HVAC System

Our HVAC system is constantly running to ensure that we have airflow in our homes, and it keeps us cool whenever it is hot outside and warm whenever the temperature drops. Ignoring these warning signs can end up costing you a lot of money if you are not careful, but this guide is meant to inform you on various aspects of your HVAC system and what these noises might mean. Stay vigilant and contact the professionals right away if you notice that something is wrong, and your wallet will thank you for it in the future.


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