What You Need to Know about an Entire Roof Replacement Project

By admin / September 23, 2020
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It is common for homeowners to find their roof leaking, especially on rainy days. But when several areas are leaking at the same time and damaging some of the electrical appliances, then that’s another story. Most people don’t care about roofing maintenance until they need several buckets to catch the pouring water through the ceilings. This is why it is essential to have regular maintenance on your roofing fixtures.

Brown and White House Beside Trees

The roof is one of your most significant investments, and if done right, it takes decades before you need to replace it. However, most homeowners are stumped when they are faced with a question on whether they need to restore or replace their entire roof. Well, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both.

What are the Steps Involved in Reroofing?

The quickest and the most cost-affordable way to address the problems with leaks is through reroofing. New shingle overlays are placed over the worn ones to provide another protective layer to your rooftop during this step. This resolves the leak and prevents the water from penetrating your ceilings down to your home’s interior. Reroofing also restores the exterior look of your property.

If you have a single layer of shingles, then you may find reroofing a great option. However, if there were two shingles installed, you may want to first check with your local building codes. A roofing company in Omaha will let you know if the third layer of shingle is allowed by your local area’s regulatory codes. If this is the case, then you should consider a full replacement to address the water drips once and for all.

Pros of the Reroofing Process

  • Since the entire process does not require too much time and intensive labor and materials, this is one of the most affordable options that you may want to do. It is the most popular type of repairs done by many homeowners in Omaha.
  • Reroofing won’t require you to replace everything, so this is the fastest way to address the leaks.

Cons of the Reroofing Process

  • If you already have a double layer of shingles, then your local county may prohibit you from adding a third one.
  • Most reroofing jobs may not last long, especially if your area is prone to rains, hail, or snow all year.
  • This is not a recommended treatment option for homes that have metal roofs.
  • Because the first layer of shingles is undisturbed, you won’t have a way of knowing the root cause of the problem. The base may be sagging or rotting, and this is a significant problem that you’ll soon need to address if you want the entire roof to hold over your property.

What about Replacement Options?

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If you consider a full replacement, this means that you get roofers who will strip every piece of the old brick or asphalt shingles from your rooftop. This exposes the entire deck, and the professionals can repair any problems that they might see after they removed all the materials. You can read a complete reference guides about roof decks on this site here.

A felt paper or underlayment is then applied, and this serves as a waterproofing material to the roof. The underlayment protects the materials from any weather elements that may be common in your area. After the base is set, the new shingles are then carefully installed. This is all done on top of the felt paper, and when the job is neatly done, you can expect that the roofing will last for ten years or even more.

If there’s a severely damaged deck underneath, you may want to replace it as well so that the new shingles will have a more solid base. You can also prevent holes from forming if you replace your entire roof fixture in one go.

The Pros of Complete Replacements

  • This will last longer compared to reroofing jobs where you address the leaks.
  • This can be done regardless of the layers of shingles you have in your roofing system now.
  • You will cover and fix many problems like rotting in the deck, and you can prevent the whole system from giving out. An entirely revamped roof will be sturdier and safer for the entire family.
  • You save a lot of money in the long run because you could fix the root problem of the leaks. You may have sagging and rotting decks because of water accumulation, and you can prevent this from happening.
  • You can also save your appliances and furniture inside the home when you prevent rainwater from dripping down inside your home. Avoiding costly repairs of your appliances and furniture can be a good enough reason to consider replacements.

The Cons of Complete Roofing Replacement

  • If you renovate the entire area, expect that more time, materials, workforce, and money are required to complete it. But if you have the budget to do this, then expect that you will be saving yourself from a lot of issues and headaches later on.

Costs to Consider

The cost of a reroofing job will depend on the size of your property, materials, where you reside, and the labor. If there’s a need for special pieces of equipment like roof jacks, then expect that this can affect the project’s overall cost.

The slope and the story of the property will also affect the fees of the roofers. For instance, a three-story house with a steeper slope will be more expensive than a property with two stories. The contractors will need more time, effort, and labor to get to the three-story property than those with a lower slope.

The materials are going to affect the cost as well. The most expensive ones are slate, and this requires installation by trained roofers. It is more durable compared to other materials, and this is common in many luxury homes.

On the other hand, you can also choose asphalt shingles, which are easier to install, and they cost much less than their slate counterparts. Know more about picking the best asphalt shingles in this page here: https://www.thespruce.com/asphalt-shingles-for-your-home-1824686. If there are specialty services, expect that these will also be added to the final bill.

For many homeowners nowadays, many of them prefer metal sheets because they are more energy-efficient and cost-effective. The traditional asphalt shingles may not withstand harsh weather, and they are usually less durable than the metal ones. Other homeowners don’t want any falling debris that can cause injuries, and if they live in a windy area, asphalt can be out of the question. This can depend on the owner’s preference, but you can check with your local contractors and see which ones are best for your home.

If you choose shingles, then replacing and reinstalling them will require a significant amount of time and labor. There’s also preparation of the deck and arranging of the pieces that are expensive for some. The project of replacing a roof is ideal for people who have just purchased a home, and it will take months before they move in or to those who are willing to find temporary shelter while the renovations are ongoing.

The characteristics of the slope and the area of the roof contribute to the cost factors when doing a full replacement. Most professionals will charge per roofing square feet. If you have a 3,000 sq. ft. This equals 30 squares, then an area larger than this will cost more if you consider a replacement.

For starters, if you want a basic replacement project using asphalt shingles as the material of your choice, then the average cost can be up to $6,000. If you use other high-end materials such as the ones that are great for the architectural look, then expect to spend $15,000 or more. These prices are just the average, and the costs can vary depending on your contractors, materials, property size, and other factors.

A roof with intricate designs and steeper slopes can cost more as there’s a need for safety harnesses and additional equipment to complete the job. The workers will need to walk on your roof the entire time, and they will need the harness to prevent accidents. If there are known water damages and rotting, these should be addressed first before the new shingles layer is put in place.

If it’s challenging to go to the roof, then the accessibility factor can impact the overall fees. The materials may need to be carried using a crane or a truck, requiring additional labor and time. If there are chimneys and skylights, then they mustn’t be destroyed, and the contractors will need to walk around them, so that’s additional fees. Hauling and disposing of the old materials for everyone’s safety should also be one of your priorities.

Deciding Between the Two

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If you are a homeowner and this is the first time you’ve had leaks, you may want to make sure that the roof is still in good shape and not nearing its lifespan. You may consider an inspection and a proper reroofing job to fix the issues.

However, if you have two layers of shingles, then partial reroofing may be what you need. The typical contractors may charge you with fees that are every 10′ x 10′ square. If there are significant signs of water damage and you know that your house is old, then setting up a budget to replace the entire roofing system will be the best investment that you can make.

If you are worried about the costs, know that it is still possible to get high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship with the right contractors. You can talk to a company in your locality and get quotes. They can help you make the right choice on whether you should do repairs or replace your entire roof in the process.

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