What Type Of Garage Door Should You Buy?

By admin / June 28, 2020

A new garage door not only keeps your property secure, but it refreshes and renews your overall property appearance. Today’s garage door comes with technological advancement due to the material that is durable and can withstand adverse weather changes. Some of the materials used in making a garage door include steel, fiberglass, wood composites, aluminum, and vinyl. Wood has been the darling of many despite the durability issues. Each of the materials has its benefits.

Garage door come along loaded with high tech features which include, energy-saving glazing, high-performance isolation, finished interior surfaces as well as baked-on exterior surfaces. If you are after a classic look, the carriage-house garage door is that popular one with such features. If you are having some challenges in deciding which garage door to buy, here is some information for each type that will help you out.

1. Steel Garage door

This type of garage door is more secure as well as more robust when put on the scale with wooded door garage, aluminum, or fiberglass. Nothing beats steel in strength. With improved technology that allows embossing wood grains patterns with metal, coupled with a durable coating, the steel doors we have today usually rival wood and poses no maintenance headache. In terms of style, these garage doors imitate wood doors in terms of recessed panels and flush. The steel garage door mainly comes in two designs, horizontal and ribbed design.

2. Fiberglass & aluminum Garage Door/ Full view aluminum garage doors

This garage door comes with frames made of aluminum and the section made of fiberglass. These two materials make this garage door very light, as both of them are lightweight. Fiberglass is translucent and is resistant to the effects of salt, making it a suitable garage door for areas where you need plenty of light as well as good to oceanic climate. With time fiberglass turns to be a poor insulator and easily breaks, unusually when cold.

Just like steel door, aluminum garage door as thoroughly enjoys wood grain embossing with durable finishes. Compared to steel, the aluminum garage door does not rust, and they are highly lightweight and inexpensive.

3. Wood garage doors

Wood garage doors are mostly regarded as high end as exotic woods like mahogany and hemlock are the primary material, with an exterior touch of facade stone or concrete. Wood garage doors are a classic due to its natural beauty, as well as it’s easily customizable. Wood requires some fairly consistent care as it does not last long like other materials.

4. Wood composite garage doors

With the maintenance issues, a pure wood garage door led to the development of a composite garage door, used when you don’t want to incur all the maintenance costs of wood. Wood composite garage doors are not as expensive as wood and come with a custom color that you can repaint based on your preferences. They are a bit cheap and sometimes considered the low end, especially when compared with wood either from mahogany or hemlock, regarded as high end.

5. Vinyl Garage Doors

Vinyl garage doors are highly suitable for seaside locations due to their resistance to salty effects as well as rust. Vinyl is highly durable and more expensive than a steel door.

Choosing the right garage door to buy is usually influenced by several reasons. For instance, if you are planning to install a New Garage Door Dallas TX, you must put into consideration the weather in that area.

Also, the garage door prices differ, and this due to the material used to make your garage. Some garage doors like wood especially made from mahogany, are considered high end. You may find Purchasing a New Garage Door Dallas TX is priced higher as the region a bit affluent, and they limit your choices to wood and vinyl.


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