WBC Homes And Having Fire Compliant Roofs

By admin / March 19, 2018

WBC Homes is the residential roofing expert that covers the West Coast of California. As their portfolio and videos show, their services cover roofs, windows, and patios across Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Burbank, and Malibu. They are know as offering better services because they understand the particular needs of the geographical area, not in the least fire resistance compliance. The wildfires of 2017 showed, once again, just how important it is that people take this into consideration for their roofs.

WBC Homes on Fire Compliant Roofs

California has to cope with the strong Santa Ana winds every year. Perhaps as a result of global weirding, it seems as if these wildfires have become significantly worse every year since 2008, which was the year even the Getty Center was at risk. Thankfully, since then, many people have decided to replace their roofing materials, working with WBC Homes to improve their safety.

Today, lots of different roofing materials offer significant fire protection. The best ones are those that comply with Energy Star standards, which are often metal roofs. One of the great benefits of this is that metal roofs can also be flat roofs, allowing people to have a roof patio.

Another option is to go for green roofs, which come in a range of different materials and with lots of different features. Essentially, these are constructed using sustainable technologies and they can also be transformed into garden spaces. Some commercial buildings now have entire lawns as a roof, supporting wildlife at the same time.

In order to have a green roof, however, people do have to consider a range of structural issues. WBC Homes has already gained quite a bit of experience in green roofs, which makes them the preferred contractor to go to. They understand that many existing roofs have a coating sprayed on them that is not suitable for green solutions. Sometimes, therefore, switching to green means replacing the roof in total. However, those unsuitable coatings were usually sprayed on during the 90s, which means they are also not fire compliant so a roof change may be necessary.

The federal government also offers people interesting incentives to choose roofing materials that are compliant with Energy Star standards. Additionally, having these materials installed means that people can see as significant reduction in their overall energy costs and usage. While this helps to save the planet and that is important, what people generally care more about is the fact that it reduces their bills by a lot. In fact, within a matter of years, the roof will have provided them with a full return on investment. Add to this the fact that these roofs are safer and provide more protection against wildfires is simply the icing on the cake.

People have lost everything in the wildfires of 2017, but they will rebuild. And WBC Homes wants to play an integral part in those efforts. Their aim is to make sure people have the most beautiful homes, but also the safest homes, so that these types of disasters never have to happen again.

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