Top Technological Innovations for Home Safety

By admin / September 27, 2019

Currently, home security has become a huge topic. With both men and women joining the workforce leaving young children back from school unsupervised and many elderly citizens deciding to live an unassisted life, people are turning more and more towards technology and innovative solutions to keep their homes and their families safe. And recognising a need for advanced security systems to combat unique and specific problems, security service and product providers are coming with innovative solutions that include remote monitoring, motion sensors and more to help customers make their homes safe. Here are the top technological innovations for home safety that are currently available.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring has become commonplace today. Most people are opting for CCTV cameras for their homes so that they can virtually monitor their homes, look after pets and kids back from school, and keep an eye on elderly parents from a remote location. The best thing about CCTV cameras these days is that people just have to access a website to see the live feed, manipulate the cameras and even talk to the people/pets virtually. This means the convenience of remote monitoring helps you keep an eye on the things at home from anywhere across the globe.

Access Code Home Lock

The Access Code Home Lock is for those people who always seem to forget their keys. With this technology, you don’t have to worry even if you lock yourself outside the home. Just entering the code will enable you to unlock the door from outside without having to use the key. This innovative door lock solution is ideal for the elderly who are living alone too, especially in case of emergencies. Even if they are unable to unlock the door by themselves they can provide the code so that people can enter without having to break in and provide the much-needed assistance without any delay.

Smart doorbells

Currently, thanks to the internet and e-commerce, especially the Amazon website, people prefer online shopping. This has led to a new style of burglaries where the products delivered by postal or courier companies are targeted. An ideal way to prevent these types of burglaries and catch the thieves who are committing them is to get a Smart Doorbell. This is how this technology works: basically, the smart doorbell has a camera that has a clear view of the front door, equipped with motion sensing. When you have a visitor you receive a notification, and you can access the live feed from the camera on your mobile device. You not only know right away if someone comes to the door, but you will also be provided with access to the footage stored on the cloud.

Remote LED Home Lighting

The remote LED home lighting is a smart way to ensure your home isn’t broken into even when you aren’t home. The basic idea behind this technology is you being to turn on the lights at your home without you having to be present there!


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