Top 5 Ways to Make Your Home More Insulated

By admin / October 15, 2021

All homes need to be properly insulated for your comfort, as well as to help you avoid astronomical energy bills! When you purchase a property, checking the insulation is something that your home inspection should cover, and that report will be able to tell you if there are any issues with it. However, even if your insulation is adequate but you’re still feeling a little chilly, or you’re simply not in a position to spend a lot of money on reinsulating your property at this time, here are a few other options you can explore to help you stay warm.

Thick Drapes

Elegant, floating drapes that are made from thinner material can look very beautiful, but they won’t do much to keep the heat in, and they aren’t as good for privacy, either. If you want to keep your home warm in winter or on a generally miserable day, having thick drapes is a good place to start. They can help block draughts from windows and provide a good barrier to stop as much heat escaping from a room.

Quality Underlay for Carpets

Carpets can help to make a home feel warmer, but it’s the underlay underneath that will truly help to improve your home’s insulation. When you’re ordering new carpets for your home, look at the options for underlay too, and pick out one that is good quality. This will be put between your floorboards and the carpets, keeping in the heat and also make the floor more comfortable to walk on, and can even help to level it out. You can also get underlay for wooden flooring too.

Window Shutters

Another great way to improve the insulation of your property is by adding external shutters to your windows. They can help to keep the cold from outside getting in through your windows, as well as providing an additional barrier that will keep the heat in. They are also excellent for improving privacy. You can see some examples of quality shutters at ShuttersUp to see what style would best suit your property.

Draught Excluders

These items are very easy to get hold of and are perfect for those working with a smaller budget. Draught excluders are placed at the foot of the doors in your property and can be used in any room. They are probably the most effective when used on external doors, as this will be where a lot of cold air gets in, and they will block or minimize any draughts coming through. You can get them in a range of designs, some of which are quite quirky, allowing you to turn them into part of the room’s décor items.

Insulation Wallpaper

Finally, if you want to improve insulation in your home, you can get special wallpaper designed for this purpose. It will be more expensive than ordinary wallpaper, so you might prefer to use the walls in your home that are also exterior walls, rather than a whole room, as this will be where it is most effective.

If you are still having issues with insulation in your property, even after trying these suggestions, you might have to look at getting better insulation in your roof or other parts of the property. However, these options should help you feel more comfortable in your home, especially during the winter months.


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