Tips on Fixing and Repairing Your Haverhill MA Air Duct and Cooling Units

By admin / March 24, 2021


Even if you know that the ductwork is an essential part of air conditioning, people usually neglect it. Many issues can happen anywhere in the network, and these can cause problems with your cooling system. If you notice poor cooling and high bills, you could suspect air ducts as one of the culprits for those.

Most of the problems that you face with air conditioning systems are minor and not life-threatening. As seen here, you can probably solve some minor breakdowns and problems on your own.

Make sure that you have all the relevant knowledge about the mechanisms that are involved when it comes to the repair of the cooling system. For instance, the size of the air channels in your house is essential information. By knowing that, you’ll be able to perform the task correctly and safely.

Worn Air Ducts

It has been observed that the air ducts are prone to developing problems as time goes by. Many people have reported things like cracking or tearing of these channels, depending on the material they’re made of.

Over the years, the material wears out, and the ducts get damaged. You can see cracks and holes in them, causing leakage. So if you spot any of these, it’s important to have them fixed as soon as possible. An energy loss can shut your AC system down and cost you thousands of dollars in damage or repairs.

Having a professional repair your AC is the best way to protect yourself and your investment. But some DIY repairs can be an excellent first aid until the professionals come. Most often, you need metal tape specially made to repair an AC unit and a sharp eye. Apply the tape to the observed crack; then, apply duct mastic with a brush. This will tighten the seal.

A list of reasons to call a professional AC technician is below:

Poor Sealing


One of the most common problems with AC ducts is poor sealing. This can occur due to poor connection around the edges of the air ducts, or it can be caused by rust forming around the joints. If you notice leaks, seal them fast to stop this air loss.

Poor seals make similar trouble as cracks in air channels. Registers and grills that are improperly connected leak air so that it doesn’t reach the rooms at all. You can suspect this problem if you hear an unusual sound reminiscent of whistling, and at the same time, you don’t feel that your home is cooling down.

Leaking sealants will affect the energy efficiency of the system. Also, this problem can shorten the life of the AC unit. Poor duct connections can be an entrance for bugs and small rodents. If they penetrate the canal, they can do even more damage.

Using a piece of paper, check how much air is coming out of the duct connections. A duct tape won’t be enough, but a better solution is mastic sealant. You can also try special aluminum foil tapes, but keep in mind that these are mostly temporary solutions.

Poor Insulation

One of the most common problems with AC ducts is a lack of insulation around the edges of the ducts. Those that are not properly insulated or grounded can result in an energy loss which lowers the efficiency of your system. It will increase the cost of heating and cooling your home and may even lead to a fire if left unfixed for too long.

As experts from AC service Haverhill explain, regular checking of the insulation inside the ductwork is a simple solution for preventing its leakage and preserving its efficiency. Insulating air ducts is not a complicated project, but it requires wearing protective equipment because you will be working with fiberglass.

Remove the damaged insulation so the new one could fit snugly. Simply wrap the insulation around the pipe and fasten it with metallic foil duct tape. Always wear a mask and goggles to prevent particles of this material from getting into your eyes or mouth. That can be very uncomfortable.

Inner Clogging

Dirt and debris can also cause many problems with the ductwork, as they will clog it and prevent the airflow. Many contaminants travel through these channels. When they are clogged, all those particles stay inside. That makes the air in your polluted and lead to health issues.

Birds and small rodents can also cause the air channels to close. These animals can settle inside the ductwork and make a huge mess. Plus, if they die inside the air channels, prepare for an unbearable smell from your AC system. See this page for tips on how to remove these odors.

Regular cleaning of the channels will improve your home’s air quality and help your system run more efficiently. Depending on the type of air ducts you have, you will need clothes, paper towels, a vacuum cleaner, and even a power drill to remove stubborn dirt deposits. Keep the fan on but without a heating or cooling option. Also, remember that disinfection is as important as cleaning.

If you suspect something is wrong with your AC unit or system, you should inspect the ductwork to determine the cause and come up with the proper solution. Any air leak can cause the system to run sluggishly. So don’t wait until you have an issue before you take action because these problems can escalate and cause major problems and costs.


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