Things to Do When Starting a Home Cleaning Business

By admin / December 26, 2019

This type of business is becoming one of the famous topic today. If you do your home cleansing so well, you can think about starting this kind of business. Through this you can be your own boss and also provide employment opportunities to other people. With that said, below are a few tips you can use when you are looking to provide commercial cleaning services in New Jersey.

Here are the things to follow;

  • Have a game plan

You have to decide if you want a full-time job or a side business which will only bring extra cash every month. If you want a side job, in a week start out with one or two customers.

You can also offer cleaning services like; mopping, dusting and vacuuming. If you want a full-time job, you can offer extra services like; window washing, removal of mildew, blind cleaning and silver polishing.

For you to run a full-time or part-time business, you should have a standard set of services which you will offer. This will be easy for you to calculate on the time you have used.

  • Research on the competition

It is very crucial for you to do a research market. You should research on the going rate for your services to determine whether you will charge the same or even a little bit lower. It is advisable to start a little bit lower though you should be cautious not to incur some loss.

While deciding on how much you will be charging, you should consider; the location you will be driving to, the cost of gas and also your time. You can consult the research by; looking for other business through their website, call then to inquire about their prices, the services they offer, time they use and their mode of transportation.

You can also check with the neighbors and office buildings around the area you can to start a business for you to know which the companies they use.

  • Market and advertise

You should decide on the best marketing strategy to use. You can work with a local real estate firm so that they can recommend you to their clients.

You can also work with local builders and offer to clean new homes for them. Send them emails explaining your availability through flyers or postcards.

Open a website for your business where you can mention the services you offer, the discounts, the location you serve and also provide your contact information. You can also list all this information on your business cards.

  • Obtain a license

Consult with your state so that you can register your business and obtain a license. You should also obtain an insurance which will protect you in case you damage a costly piece of decor at a customer’s home.

Clients will be more convinced if you show them you have insured and licensed your business. See this link for more tips on how you can start a cleaning business

Types of Home Cleaning Services to Offer

When you want to start a business you have to make a decision on the types of services you will be offering to your clients. You want to provide services that line up with the model of your business.

You should offer services that are on demand in your location and also consider what your clients prefer. When washing a home, you will encounter two times of clients; recurring and one-time.

A recurring client want their house to be cleaned more often while a one-time client prefers their house to be cleaned only ones.

Services to provide;

1. One-time services

Under this you can provide the following services;

  • Regular

This is the normal cleaning you provide to your clients. You have to create a list of chores you will be performing in each cleaning. You can search through the internet to get some ideas of the services you can offer in your area.

  • Deep

It includes all the services in a regular washing except that it has some extra task. Search through the internet to determine what kind of extra work you will provide in your area.

  • Move-out/ move-in cleaning

This is the same as deep washing in the absence of furniture. This means that you will do the same task that you did. You may also opt to offer extra tasks like washing the inside of the cabinets, oven and refrigerator, you provide them as add-ons. It all depends on you, if you want to offer these extra tasks or not.

2. Recurring services

The frequency of offering this services are;

  • Weekly services
  • Bi-weekly. This is done after every two weeks.
  • Monthly. It is done after every four weeks.

For recurring customer, you can choose to either offer deep or regular cleansing for their previous washing. After these you will be conducting your business on a recurring basis. Click here to find out more on how you can make your cleaning business a success .

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