The Complete Guide to Getting Scratches Out of Hardwood Floors

By admin / August 11, 2020

Did you know that almost 20% of US homes get a decent amount of heat during cold winter months by burning wood? This practice is getting less and less popular, but wood is still present in American homes as furniture items or hardwood floors.

All types of hardwood floors add elegance and beauty to a property, but what happens when they get scratched? Getting scratches out of hardwood floors seems like a nightmare for most American homeowners, but is it really that hard to do it?

Keep reading to learn more about hardwood scratch repair and how to keep your wooden floors in top condition.

Clean the Scratched Area First

In most cases, scratches on the hardwood floors are created by small pebbles, animals, or hard objects such as a vacuum cleaner. Before fixing the scratch, you need to make sure that the area is clean.

Use a soft cloth and basic floor cleaning products to wipe out all dust, grime, and debris left on the floor. Once the area is free of dirt, you can see the scratch better and know what fixing method to use without doing additional damage.

Use a Combination of Olive Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar

This method works for small scratches. Mix apple cider vinegar and olive oil in equal parts and apply this solution on the scratch. Dab it on the surface of the floor without applying too much pressure. The olive oil will penetrate the floor surface and restore its beauty.

Wait for a couple of hours before rubbing the mixture away from your hardwood floors. Hopefully, the scratch is gone now or at least its dimensions are reduced. If necessary, you can repeat this trick the next day to make the scratch disappear completely.

Use a Blending Pencil

Did you know that blending pencils exist? Experts in home renovations have thought of people who accidentally scratch their hardwood floors. That’s why they created blending pencils. These pencils are specially designed to coat the scratch and make it have the exact color as the rest of the floor.

There are hundreds of types of blending pencils on the market and they feature all kinds of nuances of brown, dark red, black, grey, and so on. Make sure that you select the pencil that matches the color of your floor perfectly and use it according to the instructions provided.

Use Wood Floor Products Designed to Fix Scratches of All Sizes

Apart from the blending pencils, you can also find other commercial products designed to remove scratches from floors. For example, the market is filled with affordable polishes, floor cleaners, scratch covers, nourishing oils, and other products designed to deal with stubborn scratches.

It’s not a bad idea to try some of these products, but make sure that they are compatible with your type of hardwood floor. Also, go for products that contain fewer chemicals that might damage your hands, eyes, or the surface of your floor.

Add a New Coat of Finish on Your Hardwood Floors

Some scratches are more difficult to deal with than others. That’s why you might need to apply a new layer of finish on the scratched surface to fix the problem. You can find hardwood floor finishes in various colors at your local home improvement store.

The new layer of finish will simply cover the scratches and blend them with the rest of the hardwood floor. The end result usually looks great as long as you don’t apply too much finish.

Make sure that the finish you select is compatible with your floors and let it dry for a day after you finished the application process. Here are other useful tips to follow when it comes to protecting your hardwood floors.

Use Walnuts to Fix a Scratch

This might seem like a weird method but it usually works. Walnuts have a plethora of natural dyes and oils that usually match the color of a hardwood floor. You can rub one or two walnuts directly on the scratch and see what happens.

In most cases, the walnuts will cover the scratch completely, leaving it almost unnoticeable. The scratch will also feature a color similar to the rest of your hardwood floors. This method is inexpensive and it works best for small and short scratches.

Use Steel Wool to Remove Scratches

Steel wool can be used to buff out an area as well as clean hard surfaces. Try it on your hardwood floors, but be careful when you do it. Use a soft piece of steel wool and gently rub it on the scratch, buffing it out as well as its surroundings.

Take a look at your progress from time to time and decide if you want to go further. In some cases, you might want to try a combination of methods. For example, use the steel wool to soften up the scratch and a mixture of olive oil and apple cider to make it look like the rest of your hardwood floor.

If Nothing Works, Try Sanding Your Hardwood Floors

Removing small scratches is not that complicated, but if you have a really worn-out hardwood floor that is filled with scratches of different sizes, you might want to consider sanding it. This method involves removing a small amount of wood at the surface of the floor.

It works best for hardwood floors that are at least half an inch thick. You can do this on your own using sanding equipment or ask a professional to do it for you. Sanding a hardwood floor can make it look brand new, especially if you apply a beautiful finish and protective sealant afterward.

Now You Know Everything About Getting Scratches Out of Hardwood Floors

As you can see, getting scratches out of hardwood floors is a fairly simple process if you use the right tools and the right methods. The tips presented above can save your hardwood floor and make it look exquisite again. They will also save you thousands of dollars because you don’t have to invest this money in buying and installing a new type of floor.

For more useful tips and tricks related to floor maintenance and home improvement, make sure that you check out the other articles on our website.

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