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By admin / February 8, 2021

Is your house not warm enough? Is indoor air quality substantially reduced? These are the initial signs of furnace malfunction, along with the obvious symptoms of blowing cold air instead of heat.

Such issues might be caused by clogged filters, a faulty thermostat, ignition problems, malfunctioning gas valve, etc. The best method of detecting the core of the problem is by hiring furnace repair technicians to inspect the heating system for potential defects.

Hiring such services is worthwhile when facing some of these issues.

Clogged air filters

Clogged filters are often to blame for the inefficiency of heating systems, running without keeping the house warm. It’s common for filters to get dirty rather easily due to the daily air circulation through the unit.

Once the filters get clogged, the distribution of heated air is restricted, which means the unit has to use more power to produce enough heat. Click here for some beneficial tips regarding furnace filter cleaning.

Moreover, dirty filters have the capacity to deteriorate the light switch of the unit, responsible for controlling the fan. Unless the blower functions properly, there’s no way for hot air to be circulated through the duct system. Furnace filters are also likely to restrict airflow in case a wrong model is installed in your unit or these are installed backwards.

Whenever you notice a change in temperature or low air quality, get in touch with professional technicians to inspect the filters. Following the inspection, these experts will have the filters washed, replaced, or installed properly, depending on the inspection results. Once their job is done, your unit will be operating normally and the quality of indoor air will improve significantly.

A malfunctioning thermostat

The thermostat of your heating system plays a vital role in maintaining warm indoor temperature throughout winter. Therefore, a faulty thermostat is most likely responsible for the drop in temperature, the habit of constantly switching on and off, as well as the failure of the heater to turn on. After checking whether the batteries are functional, hire a technician to have a detailed look at the thermostat.

Furthermore, professional technicians will check the thermostat settings and its power supply. Also, these specialists will make sure the thermostat is compatible with the heating unit. Otherwise, the furnace might show signs of malfunction. Furnace repair technicians check calibration as well in order to see whether the thermostat has been changed from summer to winter settings. For further guidance on the types of furnace thermometers, follow this link,

Blowing cold air

One of the worst scenarios for homeowners throughout winter is experiencing problems with their heating system such as blowing cold air. There’s nothing more frustrating than coming home to a cold house even though you’ve left the heating on while at work. In most cases, such an issue requires a simple check of the pilot light, which should be functioning normally.

In case the pilot light functions well, the cause of this issue might be graver. For instance, the gas valve or the ignitor might be faulty. Additionally, the draft system might show signs of malfunction due to an accumulation of debris or snow in the winter period. After conducting a comprehensive inspection of the unit, furnace repair technicians will replace the gas valve or ignitor to restore its previous function.

The unit won’t start

Another common issue homeowners deal with is the failure of the furnace to start. For example, the draft motor might be faulty or the issue might be caused by damage to the capacitator. As mentioned before, the gas valve and ignitor might be deteriorated, thus causing the unit to shut down.

Additionally, the inability of the heater to start might result from a blockage of air intake or the exhaust chimney. Nowadays, there is a variety of heating repair professionals, such as Sureguard heating and furnace repair, providing quick and reliable service. These technicians are trained to find the core of the defect promptly. In the case of air intake blockage, they’ll check the system for debris or accumulated snow.

Final word

Keep your heating system in optimal condition to feel comfortable during winter!


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