Ron Cadman – Why You Should Be Investing in Your Garden

By admin / February 26, 2019

When I first bought my property there was a lot of work to do in it which simply had to wait because of the amount of money that it would cost. Slowly but surely I got through each room in the house, and decided that I would leave the garden, which also needed some work. My good friend Ron Cadman is a gardener and he would often talk to me about why I should get something done with the outside area. To be honest I thought that he was just saying this because he was a gardener himself, but there was a lot of truth to what he was saying, so I made the wise decision to borrow some money from a local lender and invest in the garden. I am so happy that I did and here are a handful of reasons why you should too.

Property Prices

There are some aspects of a property which you can invest money in that will instantly increase the value of your home and the garden is one of them. Here in the USA there is a great demand for homes which have a well designed garden space and this not only helps you to increase your chances of selling the property when the time comes, it will also ensure that you get some of that investment back.


The garden is unlike any other area in the home and when the sun is shining there is no better place for you to sit and watch the world go by. Many people like to have a conservatory for this kind of thing but they are something of a fraud given that they aren’t even outside. Ditch any plans for an orangery and use that outdoor space for some lush gardens, your garden doesn’t have to be complex either, you can always opt for a minimalist design. Minimalist designs are low maintenance and they still ensure that you have a nice outdoor space for relaxing or for letting the kids play.


You may not think that you are very green-fingered but you will never know until you try, you may find that you quite enjoy it. I started off with a small herb garden outside the home and began to enjoy tending to it and looking after it. I went from the herb garden to planting all manner of plants of trees around the garden and I now find myself reading gardening magazines for hints and tips. I find gardening something which is extremely cathartic and I love nothing more than getting out there on a weekend and getting rid of all worries and stresses as I look after the outdoor area. If you get really keen then you can also start to plant things like tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber which you can then enjoy eating.

If you have an outdoor space then why not consider turning it into a beautiful garden?


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