Are You Planning A Renovation, Do Not Make These Mistakes

By admin / February 12, 2018

A home renovation is a process that requires a lot of planning. Do not just jump head on into renovating your home without proper planning. The most common mistake that people do is think that they do not need design approvals etc., and when the authority questions them they feign ignorance. The law does not support ignorance, so it is better to be prepared and ready for the renovation.

A few mistakes that you can avoid while renovating are:

Not fixing a budget:

A renovation is an expensive affair. If you do not have a tight hold on your finances you could end up spending more than you had hoped for. Hence it is imperative to have a tight leash on your finances and this can be done by creating a budget and ensuring that the renovation stays within the budgeted limits.

Spending too much on some rooms:

Many people tend to renovate the study or the bedroom and make it better whereas ignoring the most important ones like the kitchen, the bathroom and the living room. These are the places where you spend some quality time and hence you should include them in the renovation. A good looking kitchen would be very inviting and you can have some wonderful food there, a bathtub added to the bathroom would add some zing to that space, and adding more storage spots in a room can make it look much more organized.

Not hiring an expert:

An architect or a designer should be hired to design the house as you want. These are professionals and have the experience and the expertise to renovate homes, so seeking their advice is advisable. Many people think that they can design the house as they wish but if not designed properly you could end up spending a lot more that the savings you would make by not hiring a designer.

Not spending enough on the essentials:

Many people while renovating spend too much on items that are not required and then scrimp on the essentials. For example, tiling a room instead of wood flooring to save some money is what many do. Wood flooring is essential not because it looks good and is long lasting but also because it provides you an opportunity to ask for more if you plan to sell your property at a later date. Think of the resale value before spending anything on your home, if any spend adds value to your home you should go ahead and spend, if it will not add any value then there is no point in spending money on such an item.

Not using self-storage:

When you start the renovation of your home it is important to use the services of a storage unit and store important furniture, books, materials etc. You can find many self-storage units. For example, I typed storage Boston, MA in Google and got a list of self-storage units. You can do the same for your area and then select the one that suits you. This way you will be keeping all your important stuff safe.

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