Organizing Your Home in 4 Steps

By admin / September 6, 2021

With such busy work lives, social events to attend to, and hectic family life, being able to organize your home can seem like a distant dream you will never achieve. However, it is more than possible, and you can do it in just four simple steps. Once you complete these steps, you will want to follow the top tips at the end that will help you maintain all your hard work.

Step 1: Assess your situation

Before you can start, you need to completely understand how much there is to organize. Start with the most used room, as this will likely showcase all the items that have accumulated here over time but should be in another room. You will want then group everything by function. So, for example, you would pile all the shoes together, then do a separate pile for your clothes, toys, cleaning products, kitchen utensils, etc. This way, you can assess exactly how much you have. Chances are, there is going to be a lot, so move onto step two.

Top Tip: Focus on one room at a time rather than trying to tackle them all at once.

Step 2: Declutter

With all of your belongings out to see, you can now begin to declutter. Keeping organized is almost impossible when you have too many items to put away. By decluttering, you will free up space in your home and make it more manageable to keep it tidy and organized. Tackle the piles you made one at a time and consider whether it holds sentimental value, you want to sell it, or whether the only place it needs to be is in the trash can.

Step 3: Purchase containers and dividers

Being organized is about ensuring that everything has a home and is easy to find. Containers and dividers help make this job much easier. For example, if you were to purchase see-through storage jars, you can keep your pantry items such as baking supplies, dried ingredients, and snacks fresh and easily track what you have in stock. You could also use these to store small items that would otherwise get lost. For bigger items, consider using storage baskets, boxes, and containers that fit the aesthetic and size of your home and will work with your current furniture or storage setup.

Top Tip: When items have a home in a container, make sure to label the box. It provides the finishing touch.

Step 4: Use your space wisely

With items stored in their own containers, you now have the task of finding their permanent home. If you want to ensure that the last three steps weren’t for nothing, you need to use the space you have wisely. For example, if you are organizing your kitchen, make sure to stack by shape to maximize the space and make it easy to put away in the future.

Top Tips:

If you want to maintain all your hard work, then take note of these top tips:

  • Tidy before you go to bed.
  • Get everyone involved.
  • Declutter yearly.
  • Review your rooms periodically.

Having an organized home means you have a happy home, so make sure you follow the above guide and tips to start enjoying it yourself.


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