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By admin / January 3, 2019

The options for laying a new floor continue to expand, with offerings coming to the market offering superior features and longevity, while also offering extremely simple installation. Very few will argue that a completely natural timber floor looks absolutely fantastic, and were it not for the costs involved would possibly be the number one choice for families across the country. Timber not only has a natural beauty, but is extremely long lasting and if the surface becomes damaged, can be sanded down and resurfaced to have it looking new again. For many though, the laminate floor is the preferred option, offering as it does a very uniform finish, without the natural blemishes found in timber and stone. Simple and quick to install, virtually maintenance free, aside from the standard cleaning, long lasting and above all economical, it is easy to see its attraction. One problem with both timber and laminate though, is that while technically waterproof, the boards can swell if exposed to an excessive amount of water. A new, great looking option is now on the market, which can even overcome this problem and that is the hybrid floor.

The Hybrid Floor

Available from all quality flooring stores in Canberra a hybrid floor offers the strength and durability of laminates, with the warm, soft and natural look of luxury vinyl planking. It is absolutely waterproof, so even if standing water sits there for some time, it is not going to cause any damage whatsoever. The hybrid is a floating floor, complete with an attached cork underlayment, thus providing a slightly springy, warm vinyl type floor, naturally resistant to mould and mildew and their associated odours. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for any room, throughout the entire house.

How it is Made

The hybrid flooring has an innovative core structure, made from recycled wood, bamboo dust, limestone and virgin PVC, making it an environmentally good choice, which is totally inert and stable. Because it does not expand or contract in normal conditions, no expansion strips are required when it is being laid. The surface, which is available in a fantastic range of different finishes, features superior scratch resistance, enabling to keep its sheen for a very long time, and is possibly the easiest floor available to keep clean.


When it comes to durability, the latest generation of vinyl planking is as good as it gets. You can expect to enjoy the flooring for many years and the finish will never become faded, thanks to the protective covering. Vinyl is completely waterproof, with a special sealant underneath to prevent moisture rising from the substrate, and if the flooring is professionally installed, there’s little that can go wrong.

Stunning Finishes

A very thin membrane of a digitally produced image provides the finish, and whether you prefer a deep mahogany or a marble finish, there are many designs to choose from. There is a thin layer of protective film that is put onto the flooring, which protects against scratches and scuffs, ensuring that all your floor needs to look like new is a mop. The range would include at least 20 timber grains, and at least as many stone designs, along with a few slate variations, which suit a modern setting.


The hybrid floor utilises a rigid plank technology, which is far simpler to install than glue down vinyl tiles, and can be placed directly over almost all existing subfloors, which has the benefit of increasing the speed in which it can be installed, with the associated cost savings. It is a “Greenguard Gold” product, meaning that it is certified as helping keep your home healthy and happy due to its positive impact on air quality.

If you are currently thinking about replacing any of the flooring in your home or business premises, this is definitely an option that is worth checking out. It compares extremely positively against any of the other options currently available in the marketplace, and has the potential to become the flooring of choice as more people begin to understand the amazing property features that it offers.

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