Keeping your home feeling fresh: what you need to know

By admin / December 3, 2021

Keeping a house feeling fresh is never easy. Doing it always seems so high maintenance and far too much effort for what it’s worth. Not only that, but it can be tricky to get right, too, especially if you are working every day and you don’t have the time or the energy to run around doing three different chores an evening, on top of everything else that you have to do.

This is why you need low maintenance, budget-fitting accessories in your home, and that looks great too. You’ll also need to perhaps adopt some systems and routines that can help you keep on top of housework and chores.


Coming home to a dull, disheveled-looking house is never a good thing after a long day’s work. You just want to sit down and eat your dinner, play with your kids, maybe watch some TV and then go to bed. Sometimes, you might feel that this is some sort of far-fetched dream, but despair doesn’t need to kick in as soon as you come through the front door.

This situation can be massively helped with a couple of interior design techniques that can be at the heart of increasing your motivation and feeling happier. Here is just some of what you could do:

  • Use lighter colors. This can help the space feel bigger and airier, as well as reflect light. Mirrors also have a very similar effect by helping light move around and eliminating shadows.
  • Use shutters. This way, you can control the amount of light and privacy your home gets, rather than it being all-or-nothing like it is with curtains. You can see what’s available on sites such as, where you’ll also see they are easy to clean and come in a brilliant range of styles,
  • Use focus points. Centralizing some areas of the room, such as in a living room where you would centralize the seating area, you can phase out other aspects of the room, meaning that your attention is drawn to one area, and this can help with making the space feel a lot better used. You can do this with rugs, feature walls, and placing or ornaments or books.


As mentioned earlier, having a well-organized routine is one of the best ways that you can make sure that your home gets clean and stays that way. By making sure that you take a bit of litter to the bin every time you go past, straightening the rug when you crease it, and clearing up after yourself even if it makes you a bit late, can help you feel better about the space you live in, and needless to say, makes it all far more hygienic.

Having an organized system, even setting certain chores to certain days (i.e., doing vacuum cleaning on a Monday and a Thursday, dusting on a Wednesday, and laundry on a Friday) and doing it if even it doesn’t look like it needs doing, can be a great way to help you keep on top of the mess, even if it takes some time before it actually looks like it’s working.

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