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By admin / February 28, 2019

Living in Mokena, Il is not always easy in terms of the weather and throughout the year we can see a drastic change in the temperature. These two extremes, highlighted by the recent -42 degree ice blast, can create a raft of problems and the most important thing for any resident here in Mokena is to ensure that the heating is working in the home, but so too the air conditioning for those balmy summer months. I must thank my lucky stars because at the beginning of December I decided to have my boiler replaced by the guys at Integrity Heating and Cooling, had I not done that, who knows what would have happened when the chill hit. I want to talk a little today about the guys at Integrity, and why if you are living in Mokena, Il or the surrounding area, you should give them a call.

Customer Service 

I am a real stickler for customer service and I must confess that if I don’t get it from a company, I am unlikely to go back to them. From the moment that I called Integrity I was treated to some of the best service that I can remember and from the receptionist to the team who came out to replace my boiler, they treated me with maximum care and cordiality.


There is a lot of competition in the heating and cooling industry here in Mokena, Il and the initial reason as to why I selected Integrity was because of their low prices. I must admit that I was very suspicious of their prices and believed that the product perhaps would be sub-standard given the ‘get what you pay for’ mentality. On their website however I read that they would give you $500 if you could find a cheaper price, I accepted the challenge and as you can imagine, I found nothing cheaper, these were the lowest.


After deciding to proceed I was still a little dubious about the quality of the product given the price but I really shouldn’t have been as the products which they brought were very high quality indeed. The fitting of the boiler was done expertly and with a great amount of professionalism. I worked in this industry for a short time so I have an idea of right and wrong, and these guys did everything right.

After Care

Many companies like this will not bat an eyelid in your direction after the job has been done, but not in the case of Integrity. In fact so good was their aftercare that they called me during the cold snap which we had, to ensure that everything was working well enough, a really nice touch. Each year they will come to perform a maintenance check on the boiler and I cannot rate this company’s after care policy highly enough.

If you are living in Mokena, Il or nearby, I urge you to give these guys a call for your heating and cooling needs.

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