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Dining room lighting plays a central role in the proper illumination of your dining area, especially when you want lighting that’s not only functional and practical but stylish, elegant, and a good fit for your space as well. But there are many considerations regarding the central light for your dining room – is it big enough? Is it bright enough and will it illuminate the entire dining table? What style should you choose, modern or classic? There’s the vital aspect of design, as there are many choices available, from pendant lights to chandeliers. If you are wondering how to make the best choice for your dining room’s central lighting, here’s how you can do it right.

  • Think about the style

As already mentioned, there are different styles in dining room lighting. But some of the most common include pendant lights, chandeliers, and flush mounts. If you are looking for something more modern, you can choose to have a pendant light, and this is also ideal for larger living spaces and rooms with an open concept. You can either have a central pendant light or a row of pendant lights (such as three small pendant lights) for a more unique and modern appeal. The pendant light can also serve as a great focal point for your dining area, so choose it wisely.

If you are thinking about a chandelier style, make sure that it aligns perfectly with the dining table and the space. One rule of thumb for chandeliers is this: their diameter should be about half the size or about two-thirds the length or size of your dining table. If you want a more modern style, choose a wider chandelier for a rectangular dining table. For round dining tables, a crystal chandelier or drum-shade lighting fixtures can work best.

Flush mounted lighting can work well if you have a small area or are just looking for lighting for a casual kitchen nook. You can opt for flush mounted lights which rest against the room’s ceiling if you have a low ceiling, or you can opt for a semi-flush mounted light which can hang a few inches down from the ceiling.

  • Think about the size

The lighting you choose for your dining room should also align well with your space, and you can make sure of this by doing some measurements, as recommended by the lighting experts from suppliers like If you want to make extra sure that you are choosing the right size for your lighting fixture, add the width and length of the room or dining area; make sure to add them in feet. Afterwards, simply convert the feet into inches. If you have a room or space with a total length of 14 feet and an overall width of 10 feet, add this up, and it amounts to 24. This would then mean that you should have a lighting fixture which is about 24 inches in diameter.

  • Think about the length

The length of your central lighting fixture matters, too, and for this, consider how low you want the lighting fixture to be. For example, the bottom of a lighting pendant is ideally about 30 inches from your dining table’s surface. If you are in the middle of remodelling your space, make sure to measure the height of your dining table when you are planning the central lighting.

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