How to Remodel your Home

By admin / March 19, 2018

If you’ve decided to remodel your home, so that your home better suits your lifestyle and individual preferences, CBI Tulsa has many ideas to find a wide array of helpful tips, which will help you remodel your home on a budget.

How to remodel your home:

1. Ask several building companies for an estimated quote, before making a final decision

Instead of simply agreeing to pay the first building company which you talk to, whatever they quote for your home remodel, it’s well worth calling several companies, so that you’ll be able to compare each of the quotes which you’re given.

2. Decide whether or not you plan to stay in your home, while it’s being remodeled

Consider staying at a friend or family member’s house, and leave the house while it’s being renovated. While it’s being remodelled or renting a temporary rental property for the duration of your remodel. As if you plan on remodelling your kitchen or bathroom, you may find not being able to access both areas a huge hassle.

3. Make sure that you have enough money to successfully complete your home’s remodel

Many individuals make the mistake of allocating their entire remodel budget on labor and parts. However, it’s well worth keeping some of your budget for any unexpected costs may which arise. As if you can’t afford to pay for any unexpected costs which may arise, your remodel will come to a halt. Until you’re able to come up with the necessary funds to continue your project.

4. When designing your home’s new layout, make sure to carefully consider how to best use the space which you have

The aim of your remodel should be to create functional spaces, which suit your household’s habits. As an example, if you spend a lot of time in your kitchen and the rest of your family spend most of their time in your lounge, watching television in the evenings, think about knocking down the walls which separate your kitchen and lounge. So that you’ll be able to talk to your family members, while you’re in the kitchen.

Alternatively, if your home boasts 5 bedrooms but you only require 3 bedrooms, consider sacrificing one of your extra bedrooms, in order to create a bathroom which is twice the size of your old, narrow bathroom. Or if your home features bedrooms which are on the smaller side, think about sacrificing an unused bedroom, in order to create a spacious master bedroom. Which you’ll use on an everyday basis.

5. Make sure that you have an end date for your project

If you don’t give your builders a clear end date for your project, don’t be surprised if your builders take their time. Instead, if you want your remodel completed as soon as possible, it’s well worth giving your construction company a clear end date for your project. So that you won’t be coerced to pay for any work which is completed after your specified end date

If one of your primary goals is to remodel your home in the near future, definitely keep the 5 helpful tips listed above in order to complete your project on a budget!

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