How to Enjoy Living in a Small Space

By admin / January 31, 2022

Not everyone is lucky enough to find themselves living in a sprawling mansion or lavish penthouse, and not everyone dreams of these types of home anyway. Having a small living space can feel restrictive and uncomfortable in some situations, which makes life, in general, that little bit more difficult. However, there are many different ways you can improve your lifestyle when living in a smaller home by adapting the space to suit your needs and its diminutive size. Here are a just a few ideas to help you get started.

Decorate Cleverly

How you decorate your small home can work wonders on making it feel bigger and more spacious. There are certain interior design tricks that give the illusion of a room being larger than it truly is. For example, well-placed mirrors can reflect the sunlight from windows and give the impression of a brighter, bigger space. Light-colored walls and paler furnishings also reflect light and add to this effect. Of course, maybe you enjoy the feeling of coziness a smaller home provides. In which case, decorate with warmer and deeper tones to emphasize this feeling. The big, open-plan aesthetic isn’t suited to everyone’s tastes.

Choose Wise Furniture Options

How you maximize the space in your small home depends largely on how well you choose your furniture. It’s obvious that a large sofa would take up a lot of valuable and limited space, so something more compact would be a better fit. There are plenty of clever space saving hacks you can create simply by finding furniture that is designed specifically to decrease its footprint in your home. It’ll also save you from constantly bumping into edges and corners or having to carefully negotiate your path through the room.

Store Vertically

If you don’t have room for large closets or cabinets to store your belongings, invest in vertical storage. Shelves and cupboards that don’t take up any floor space are a great solution when living in a small home. Instead of a chest of drawers, consider a hanging solution for your clothes. Rather than taking up space with a TV table, try getting your screen mounted on the wall.

Value Multi-Use Items

Although blurring the purposes of your living space isn’t such a good idea, finding good multi-use objects can make living in a small home much easier. Instead of collecting a variety of large kitchen appliances that take up loads of room, do your research and find something that combines a few of these uses to save space.

Stick to Purpose

While it can be tempting in a small home to make each room multipurpose to save space, it’s important to maintain clear boundaries about the purposes of each room. This isn’t to do with space saving techniques but rather to help you stay happy and healthy. For example, working in your bedroom blurs the lines between work and rest, which can cause issues in the future for your sleep and mental health. Find a way to get into the habit of designating space for particular purposes without compromising your wellbeing.


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