How Much Does It Cost to Put in Energy Efficient Windows in Toronto?

By admin / September 13, 2022
Energy Efficient Windows in Toronto

Have you started home renovation? Don’t forget to install new energy efficient windows and doors in Toronto. They will make the house more comfortable than with standard single-glass windows.

Keep reading our article to know all the advantages of energy efficient windows and where to buy them.

Energy Efficient Windows in Toronto

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

Energy-saving windows prevent the leakage of heated or cooled air from the house.

If you have not decided yet what to buy for your home in Toronto, you can no longer doubt the choice – only the products that meet Energy Star standard!

We have compiled 5 main reasons, why you should opt for energy efficient windows:

  1. No more draughts in the house. New window structures will maintain a comfortable temperature all year round.
  2. You will forget about condensation on the glass, mold, and excessive moisture inside the room.
  3. Noise and unpleasant smells from the street will also remain in the past.
  4. Reduction of carbon footprint by 12% compared to the use of uncertified standard models. The harmful emissions that occur during the heating process can now be minimized.
  5. Cost savings. Energy efficient models are more expensive than the standard single-glass ones. However, all costs will pay off: these products are intended to serve you for a long time, increase the overall value of your home, as well as reduce energy bills. The Canadian Department of Energy estimates that you can save between $125 and $465 a year.

How Much Do Energy Efficient Windows Cost in Toronto?

The price depends on some features:

  • The size of the window frame and glass.
  • The model chosen. For example, the sliders will cost you more than standard casement windows.
  • Type of glazing.
  • Installation features.

Some models are much more difficult to install than, for example, casement windows. Therefore, their installation will be more expensive and affect the final cost of the project.

On average, be ready to pay from $300 to $1,000 per item.

Do you know where to buy and whom to entrust the installation of windows and doors in Toronto?

Choose popular Canadian company Vinyl Light Windows & Doors.

Here you will find a large selection of energy efficient models at an affordable price.

Experienced installers of the brand know how to deal with any type of construction so they will last you for a long time without losing their technical characteristics.

If energy efficient windows, then only Vinyl Light!


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