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By admin / July 24, 2020
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In the current climate, taking into consideration all the restrictions that we have had to go through. We are seeing a lot of people turning to some of the other DIY projects, to either keep busy or do that one thing that they have been putting off the past year because they have been too busy to do it.

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DIY projects can be a time and lifesaver in all aspects of the word. They can help us organize not just our homes, but also our minds. As some famous person once said about the organization, that a cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind.

There are tons of projects that one can do at home check this website out for ideas, but nothing is more fulfilling than having a good looking, neat and tidy closet, after all, you need clothes to wear every day and choosing the right outfit can make a difference to your attitude on the day.

This is true if you think about it, your home, should be your living space, and not some dump yard where you throw everything piled up on top of each other or have stuff in every corner where you can’t even at ease or have the freedom to move around as you please, without snubbing your toe on the corner of a chair or laundry basket.

So, if you have established that it is time for you to join the DIT gang during your time working from home, and are desperately looking to sort out, amongst other things, your closet space(s), look no further as we have some great tips and tricks for you to help you out, that will make your project a whole lot of fun!

Let’s jump into the closet, shall we?

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Tips and Tricks of Fun Closet DIY

Starting with The Floor. A lot of times the one space that gets left out of the creative mindset is the floor. We chuck our shoes or dirty clothes inside our closets without thinking that we could make a lot more of it then it looks.

Catchalls are you saving grace at this pace. You can split them into his and hers, with your things in one and his things in the other. If it’s just you, then the more space, the merrier. Chuck a few storage boxes or baskets on the floor and use those too.

You could also get a shoe rack with 2 shelves on it instead of one, and keep more shoes on it than you normally would.

Hanging Space Is Good, Doubling-Up is Treasure. There is nothing like a good hanging space to keep your clothes nice and tidy, and not having to fold them every time. Although there’s nothing wrong with folding, some of the best closet spaces have won awards with just folding techniques. More on that later.

If you have a deep closet, add two rods in it. That’s right, it can be done and has been done successfully by loads of people. Furthermore, don’t forget to measure about 6 inches of extra space between the two rods so the clothes don’t bump into each other.

Another quick tip is to get yourself a drawer organizer. They can help save you space and keep things separated from each other. For example, a sock or underwear drawer organizer or if you’re into ties, that could work too. We don’t judge.

Use Shoes Hangers as Door Hangers. These babies get underestimated way too much and were here to set the record straight – they are important. You can save yourself tons of space with cupboard or door hangers, even things such as a shoe bag can be used to store other things besides…shoes.

If your creative enough you can turn it into a central household hub for everything from cleaning liquids, detergents, to batteries, flashlight, scissors, spare bulbs, cleaning cloths, and sponges…you get the idea. One pocket for each thing … you could hang at least 12 things on one if your door is the average size. The basic idea is to keep things that you would grab daily or frequently. So, it’s easy to grab and put back in the pocket.

To Hang or To Fold. A small piece of advice – don’t fold everything and don’t hang everything either. Some garments are meant to be hung on hangers while others are better off being folded nicely and put in the closet.

Things that need to be hung include skirts, dresses, blouses, and collar-shirts, while others that are worth folding include the delicate pieces such as undergarments, all your cashmere, and jeans. This last one needs to be folded properly i.e. when you align the seams it will keep it from creasing down the middle as most pant trousers do.

If all the above suggestions are too thought-provoking or make your head dizzy, you don’t have to worry as there are also services out there that can offer you the right equipment to help with this. That’s correct, there are responsible for making Closet organizers, that can change things for the better. They’re in the business of assisting those who desperately need an organized space so they can breathe and have peace of mind, and space to move.

By building an appropriate space for your things, you can change something as simple as a cupboard into a world-class wardrobe. And we’re not just talking about your bedroom, but organization happens in every aspect of the home including the kitchen, attic, basement, garden shed, you name it.

Four things to keep in mind every couple of months when you’re in the mood to clean you’re your closet or if your moving or relocating somewhere is to ask yourself which of these four will you do: Donate, Sell, Discard or Recycle?

When thinking of donating your clothes, look for those things that you have not worn in many months, to be precise for at least 6 months, and that’s stretching it. Look for a nearby church or school, or even a homeless shelter to give them to. otherwise, go to a charity store and drop them off there. You will feel a lot lighter both in mind and body. Trust us.

Same with recycling or selling your things, if you can’t turn your jeans into a pair of hot shorts for the summer, sell them on websites such as eBay or gumtree. You may not get the asking price, but you will get something at least.

Lastly, if all else fails, discard them. End of story and you can dust your hands off.



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