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By admin / September 23, 2020

Do you know what Control4 home automation in Melbourne could mean for you? There are just so many functions provided for in Control4 systems that really make home living a breeze, adding convenience, security and good old-fashioned fun to your residence. For this reason, more and more people are choosing to install Control4 home automation in their homes, helping to improve functionality and convenience. This article will focus on a few advantageous features of Control4 systems, such as deluxe home intercoms, smart lighting, and filling your home with high resolution music when and where you want it, but these features are only the beginning when it comes to home automation in Melbourne.

Deluxe Home Intercoms

You may have seen your typical door intercom before – a simple button and speaker system. But with Control4 home automation in Melbourne, the home intercom is taken to a whole new level, integrating with handy devices such as your mobile phone, tablet or PC. The advantage of this is that you can use the visual information gathered from your home intercom even if you’re not at home. This means you can check if that package got delivered or ensure your kids have gotten home from school safely, and when you’re at home, you can even make announcements to different rooms to let everyone know when dinner is ready. These deluxe home intercoms ensure a greater level of convenience for you and your family as well as a higher level of security, as you can quickly check who’s at the door before you choose to open it.

Smart Lighting

It no longer makes sense to get up and down all the time to turn lights on and off – not when Control4 home automation in Melbourne can do this for you, combining high-efficiency lights with the absolute in convenience so you can pre-program when you want certain kinds of lighting to come on or go off. It’s commonly referred to as smart lighting. With mundane tasks like switching on and off lights plus many others massively streamlined by the Control4 system, you can have more time and space to consider the more important things in life.

Music When and Where You Want It

Control4 home automation in Melbourne can fill your house with high resolution music from speakers that are subtle and unobtrusive. If you’re a music fan and you wish for your house to be filled with your favourite music, home automation in Melbourne could well be worth considering. Control4 systems are compatible with all streaming platforms for easy access to your favourite tunes any time of the day or night. This means it’s equally good for relaxing alone as you meditate, or for having a fun time while you host a party at your place. You’re also sure to be impressed by the high audio quality of the speakers. Ultimately, the Control4 system for home automation in Melbourne is highly versatile for modern homes and lifestyles.


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