Decorating with Mid-Century Modern Furniture

By admin / June 2, 2020

Mid-century modern furniture is gaining popularity and is making a strong comeback. Mid-century movement spans between the years 1933 to 1965. Designers such as George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames, Arne Jacobsen as well as Harry Bertoia designed furniture and lighting that is still popular today.

How do you decorate your house with mid-century modern furniture? Keep on reading this article to find out some of the ways that you can decorate your home with mid-century furniture.

1)            Bring Wood Back

It is a fact that today’s furniture is made of pressed wood. You need to let wood occupies most of your house using quality furniture from the 1950s. These types of furniture have clean lines of teak, oak, walnut, and rosewood.

If getting these ancient pieces is challenging or if it is too expensive for you, get modern made replicas. For instance, buying an original Eames chair is very hard since they are rare and highly sought after. However, you can get the ever-popular Eames chair replica on the market. These replicas are for those people who love the ancient cool, classic mid-century designs but are unable to afford it. You will also get a complete guide for the best replicas that are classified based on the materials used, design, as well as authentic design. This Lola Bed Frame from Domayne is the perfect intersection between classic mid-century design, made in modern times.

2)            Less Is More

What makes mid-century timeless? Well, it is all about subtlety and thoughtful craftsmanship. In 1956, Eero Saarinen designed a classic marble-top, eliminating any extra parts, including unnecessary table legs. Therefore, to decorate your house, you do not need to overcrowd it with furniture.

3)            Mix and Match Different Styles

Simply because you do not own a mid-century property, does not mean that you cannot include a retro style into your home’s decor. You need to emphasize on simple lines and purity of design. That, plus the enduring beauty of wood on some mid-century furniture, will create a timeless appeal. This appeal will sit well with both old and new styles.

4)            Choose Mid-Century Table Lamps

These table lamps blend well at any space that has low-slung furniture. You can easily find them at the vintage stores. You can look for table lamps that have rounded bases in vibrant hues with tall slim lampshades.

5)            Include A Bar

Whether you use a bar cart or a built-in bar, a bar mixing drinks is a right way of bringing back the 1950s. Ensure that your bar has expensive liquors, vintage glasses, and not forgetting a cocktail shaker. A bar pushcart can be maneuverer from one room to the other during parties and entertainment. This makes it the best accessory for any mid-century contemporary home.

6)            Use a Traditional Colour Scheme

You can adopt the era of mustard, tangerine, and avocado with the 1960s- inspired colour scheme. It will make your room look like the classic hues without it looking like a movie set.

The history and use of mid-century modern furniture are not going away anytime soon. Instead, it seems like the architectural and artistry of that time is becoming more popular today. You can add some of the above styles to your home to experience the vibe of those gone days. For more design ideas, visit Domayne.

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