Daniel D Purjes On How Solar Technology Benefits The Entire World

By admin / March 20, 2018

Some believe that we are in the final days of the world. The list of problems we are facing is seemingly endless and not a day goes by that the New York Times and other papers don’t have a main story on pollution. According to Daniel D Purjes however, it is not all doom and gloom. Through his various successful entrepreneurships, himself, Mctague, and Barrons have made a fund through which they aim to focus on sustainable energy. Their aim is to show the world that solar energy is an asset worth a significant investment. They have created a list and a report that they have presented to Wall Street professionals in NYC, hoping that they will consider supporting the work the three are doing on solar energy in Rockwood. Mainly, this report shows how solar benefits not just the environment but, in fact, the world as a whole.

Daniel D Purjes on the Benefits of Solar

The benefits are very clear and plentiful. They include:

  1. Solar protects the environment. The environmental benefit is the biggest and best understood. It means moving away from finite fossil fuels and reducing pollution at the same time. Solar is renewable, clean, safe, and available. Specifically, solar is renewable. This means that, even in a billion years, the energy will still be available. Furthermore, solar is clean. There are no nasty emissions, no smoke, not even a smell. It is 100% clean and undamaging to the environment and to health.
  2. Solar is very affordable. In fact, it is technically free. Of course, an initial investment is needed to purchase the panels, but the return on investment is surprisingly quick. Additionally, the sun shines without requiring any form of payment. Fossil fuels, by contrast, are hugely expensive. The act of retrieving them from the earth alone costs millions. Additionally, going solar provides interesting governmental incentives and, to top it off, the maintenance costs are very low. And if you really want to keep the cost down even more, you have the option of making solar panels through DIY solutions!
  3. You become energy independent. Using solar means that you are taking steps towards becoming fully self-sufficient. This means you won’t be affected by power blackouts, won’t have to jump through the hoops of the providers, and so on. After all, you can get solar power anywhere in the world.
  4. It is flexible. Solar arrays exist in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and budgets. They can be installed virtually anywhere. Whether you have a small apartment with nothing but a south facing window and can only generate enough electricity to power your laptop, or you have a huge piece of land with space to fit an array to power a village, all options exist.

Clearly, Daniel D Purjes is on to something big here, which is why solar is also getting so popular. When people think solar, they generally think about going green. While that is a huge element, there is clearly far more to it as well.

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