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By admin / June 8, 2021

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A comfortable environment is needed to improve productivity at home or in the workplace. An air conditioner guarantees this and also provides a better quality of living and safety in addition to comfort.

The air conditioner is a system designed to remove the heat in a space, moving it outside while cooling the inner space. This system however demands proper maintenance to enable it to function well.

Having your AC stop working in the middle of summer can be really frustrating but this worry can easily be solved by capable hands. If you are looking for good AC repair technicians, it is recommended that you use every available medium to find one that suits your needs.

However, if you need recommendations on good technicians to handle your unit, there are reputable technicians that you can use their services. You can visit: to learn more about these technicians and the services they render.

In this article, we will discuss some common problems that you can experience with your unit. Please feel free to check them out below.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

There are several causes of AC failures and identifying these problems will help one be on the lookout to prevent a complete collapse of the machine. Below are listed some of these problems:

Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant is responsible for removing the humidity and heat in the air. A leak in the lines could cause limited refrigeration which makes it unable to properly make the air cool. Repairing this is often expensive and time-consuming as it requires the technician to identify the leaks and close the holes.

Condenser Coils that are Dirty

Air pollution contributes a great deal to this problem; covering the condenser coil with layers of grime and dirt. This prevents heat transfer as the coil’s duty is to remove the heat in the air by ejecting it outside through the condenser coil’s unit. The blockage would require that the unit work harder, causing increased wear and eventually, system failure.

Leaking Ducts

This problem causes an increase in energy bills as the air conditioner is made to work more. The duct which often travels through the ceilings and walls is responsible for transporting the cooled air. When the ducts have breaks or holes in them, it causes the air to be trapped inside the walls which is not beneficial to anyone.

Faulty Fans

This can be caused by poor lubrication, faulty motor, worn-out belts, or excess dirt leading to restricted airflow. If this is ignored, it will result in compressor failure and will often mean the death of the AC unit. The functionality of the fans is vital as they blow air on the evaporator coil inside and outdoor condenser unit thereby expelling the imbibed heat outside the structure.

Evaporator Coils that are Frozen

The coil is often loaded with refrigerant and acts as an absorber of atmospherically heat. When it gets cold, it causes ice to form on the outside thereby blowing warm or even no air from the AC. The coils must always be surrounded by warm air in order to function properly.

Blocked Drains

The drain line takes the moisture from the AC to the pan before going down the drain. The system however could be damaged if the water gets back up due to a clogged drain or a full pan. Mold growth could also arise as a result of water leaks that cause harm to the ceilings, walls, and even furnishings.

These are some common problems with your unit. If you need tips on how to know when your AC unit is fading you can check here.

How to Prevent AC problems

Adequate maintenance and simple care can make one avoid the troubles that come with fixing a faulty air conditioner. Some of the ways to care for your AC and prevent problems are.

Repair Holes and Ducts

Holes in ducts are often caused by rodents or bad workmanship. Always inspect for any especially if energy bills are rising or there isn’t enough air produced by the unit. Use weather-stripping also to seal off any openings and to prevent hot or cold air from getting in or seeping out.

Clear Outdoor Unit Area

A blocked condenser or outdoor fan makes it difficult for the unit to discharge heat effectively. Ensure that the unit isn’t clogged with dirt and leaves as it needs adequate airflow to function efficiently. Also, there should at least be a 5 feet gap above and 3 feet space between the compressor and trees, structures, or plants.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are more accurate and save more energy. They can also be controlled easily using your device, unlike older systems. Avoid exposing it to sunlight directly as this will lead it to register a wrong temperature.

Clean Air Filters

Clogged air filters are often the major cause of AC problems as they restrict airflow and equally cause coils to freeze. They reduce the efficiency of the machine to cool properly so always clean the filters regularly.

You can do a little research on how to clean AC filter if you do not know how.

Regular Maintenance

Having an experienced technician inspect your system is inexpensive and will prevent sudden breakdown. It is important to carry out regular checks on your AC to also avoid minor problems from getting serious.

Check for Odd sounds

Although it is normal for certain noise to be heard from the AC such as the cycling sound from the compressor or the rotating fan but a vibrating sound could mean the wrong installation. Carefully review the installation instruction or call an expert.

Types of Refrigerant Leaks

Locating a freon leak can be difficult as there are so many types of them and also several ways to handle them. Some of the common ones are.

Standing Leak

This is very common and can be detected only when the AC is turned off.

Pressure Dependent Leak

This is noticed as the pressure in the cooling system builds up.

Temperature-Dependent Leaks

This occurs when the condenser is blocked which happens when there’s high ambient air.

Vibration Dependent Leaks

This can be detected when the unit is in operation.

Combination Dependent Leak

This is when two or more factors are responsible for the leakage.

These are some common problems that you may experience with your unit. To get tips on how to maintain your air conditioning system, you can check here:


A functional air conditioner is one way to enjoy a conducive atmosphere. However, an occasional system failure isn’t out of place but with the right technician, you can easily get it fixed. We have discussed some common problems associated with your unit. Feel free to read and share with friends.

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