Are Snow Blowers Worth It?

By admin / October 6, 2021

Winter is coming and along with the colder days, darker nights, and extra helpings of mash potatoes at dinner, we also have the extra responsibilities to keep things running as smoothly as we are accustomed too.
To do this, it usually means that we have to invest in some very specific appliances such as pipe warmers, extra insulation, and snow blowers.

We know what you are thinking – there is quite a big difference between buying some insulation for a boiler and a machine like a snow blower, especially when it comes to price. So, you probably want to know – Are snow blowers worth it?
Use this article to help you decide.

How Much Snow Do You Get?

The amount of snow that places get will vary from state to state, and this is one of the key factors to consider when thinking about purchasing a snow blower. For light snow fall, you might find that the investment is not worth it, especially if the snow load is something you can easily and quickly manage by hand with a manual snow shovel. Snow shovels take up next to no space and do not really need any maintenance – they are just ready to go as long as you are!
If you are in a place that gets significant snow fall, this is where a snow blower might be a worthwhile investment, especially if you find you have a large area to cover. It is also worth thinking about how regularly you get snow, as well as how heavy it can be. Having to do the same procedure by hand over and over again can get tiring and time consuming – no matter how much snow there is!

What Area Will You Be Clearing?

If you only need to clear a small part of your path every couple of days, then buying a giant snow blower will probably not be necessary. Not only would it be more hassle than it would be worth (having to do a time-consuming set up and pack down relative to the snow that needs clearing), but it is also money that could be better spent on something else, such as extremely grippy boots. However, if you have large patches of snow to clear you will want to ditch the ‘do it yourself shovel’ and purchase a snow blower that is going to save you both copious amounts of time and energy. Time is the one thing that most of us do not have enough of, so if you have the option to invest in a machine that will let you get on with your day, it is well worth doing!


The answer to the question “Are snow blowers worth it?” is for you to decide, but if you have little to no snow and very irregularly, a snow blower is probably not on your ‘must have’ list. However, if you have reasonable snowfall and have to clear out large patches of snow, a snow blower could be your new best friend.


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