5 Tips for Getting Rid of Bugs in Your Tiny Home

By admin / May 22, 2020

From bedbugs to fleas to termites and more, bugs in the house are a nuisance. But some of them can pose massive threats to the people already living there (or their wallets).

And when there’s not much room for the people in the first place, it can make pest control even harder. So what do you do when there are bugs in your home? These tips can help you get rid of bugs before they become an infestation.

Identify the Pest

If there’s a specific type of bug you’re repeatedly seeing, you need to figure out exactly what it is. Sit down with an insect book or the internet and get a name. Even different subspecies of ants react differently to different tactics.

Once you know the exact species you’re working with, you can make a more direct plan of action to target your specific pest.

Keep Your Home Clean and Well-Maintained

Pests can show up in even the most immaculate homes, so it’s not your fault if you have bugs in your house.

At the same time, keeping a clean home can keep many of them at bay. Regularly groom your pets to avoid fleas and ticks, and clean up any food spills right away to prevent ants.

Also, check the seals around windows and doors and make sure you have good screens to make it harder for bugs to make their way inside.

Don’t Let Water Stagnate

A lot of bugs like moist environments and thrive in places with lots of water. Cockroaches, silverfish, and centipedes all prefer to hang out somewhere where they can find water.

Places where water stagnates can draw bugs in. Mosquitos need to lay their eggs in water — that’s why they’re usually found in swamps.

So to keep bugs at bay, regularly make sure there aren’t any water leaks around your faucets or pipes. Dry up any areas around your home where there’s still water.

If you decide you want to keep features like a birdbath, or water bowls for outdoor pets, make sure to clean them regularly to prevent larvae growth.

Call a Professional

If home remedies aren’t doing the trick, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional like Reynolds Pest. A professional can identify what’s causing the problem and clear it up. They can also provide more professional advice to keep the insects at bay — like what does work, and what doesn’t.

Most importantly, they can help you tackle the issue before it becomes a problem that threatens your family or your home’s health and safety.

These Tips Can Help You Get Rid of Bugs in the House

It’s never a pleasant experience to find bugs in the house — especially when there’s not much space for the humans already living there. These tips can help you clear your tiny home of pests for good.

We’re here to answer all your tiny home questions! Keep reading for more insightful tips.

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