The World’s Most Expensive Hobbies

By admin / February 25, 2020

If you think that the most expensive hobby in the world is collecting jewelry, rare wines or expensive cars, then you are deeply mistaken, because all these things are not even in the top ten of such hobbies. But don’t be upset, if you read this article to the end, you will know everything about fabulously expensive hobbies. Or at least the most expensive of them.

1. Ancient artifacts.

The fact is that the purchase of such relics is not just an expensive business, but also the fate of a select few, as the turnover of ancient artifacts is usually carried out under the strict supervision of the state. And if you think that we are talking about jewelry from the Scythian burial mounds and Greek statues, then you are deeply mistaken. Relics belonging to the Proumer civilizations are really valuable, the price for which is sometimes incommensurable with anything that a billionaire can buy.

2. Collection of modern artworks

It’s already more down-to-earth, though it’s not so understandable. Well, tell me, who is ready to pay hundreds of millions for a three-meter tangle of rusted wire, or for a few obscure spots on the canvas shot with a brass gun? However, among the richest people in the world fashion for contemporary art has not stopped for about 50 years, and therefore the samples of its growing And of course, this industry does not run without some controversy like the Bouvier case.

3. A collection of the world’s recognized masterpieces

Such a collection is much more predictable, although not so fashionable. Judge for yourself – who can be surprised by Van Gogh’s Sunflowers or Rubens’ Madonna? But, despite this, there are still people who are willing to pay tens of millions for Renoir and 30 million for Salvador Dali.

However, the advantage of such collections is that the components of their exhibits will never be cheaper than their last price, and some of them – we are talking about collections of classic art – are estimated from 12 to 18 billion dollars.

4. A passion for aviation.

Rich people are unlikely to be surprised now by the collection of planes, especially when it comes to double gliders that can be hidden in a small garage. However, those who buy a real Boeing to manage them personally have always deserved special attention. But this is not such an unusual quirk either.

True “gourmets” much more like slow-moving planes, built before 1940. It was during this period that one of the most expensive in the world collection of warplanes of the Second World War, which according to unverified data (as this collection is constantly updated) is estimated at almost a billion and a half dollars. This price is determined not only by the large number of winged machines of different armies but also by the fact that all of them are equipped with authentic details, ranging from motors to rivets and ammunition in machine guns.

5. Yachts and ships

Well, try to calculate the cost of the yacht collection yourself: just consider that the largest of the currently existing yachts have life-size basketball courts, tennis courts, swimming pools at 30 meters, running tracks and even motorcycle racing tracks. And this is despite the fact that the yacht itself is decorated with rare types of wood, gold, platinum, and silver, and only its annual insurance costs 2.5 million dollars.


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