Menos HIras – How to Prepare For an Epic Road Trip

By admin / December 17, 2019

When my buddy Menos Hiras first passed his driver’s test the first thing which we did was to plan a road trip from California up to Vegas. Back then we didn’t really prepare very well and although we had a great time, we got lost a lot, ran out of gas, out of money, and almost ran out of patience with one another. Menos and I enjoyed that trip so much that we pledged to take a road trip each and every year, exploring different parts of the US. Over the years Menos and I have become masters the road trip prep, and here are the key tools which you’ll need to plan for an epic road trip.


At the heart of every great road trip is a great route and this is the first place that you should start. Whilst destinations en route are of course important, remember that the journey itself is where the majority of the fun is going to take place. Aim for roads which wind through mountains or nature, take a look at what some of the best routes are in your surrounding area and choose roads which are easy to drive with plenty to look at.


Music is going to be one of the most important aspects of your road trip, and you’ll need plenty of it. Instead of just searching whilst you are on the go, plan some playlists ahead of time so that you don’t have to face that awkward moment where you don’t know what to put on next. Theme your playlists by musical genre, decade or mood, this way you can have a playlist ready for whatever mood the trip takes on. If you need to relax or perk up, music can be a great way of doing just that.


Music is great entertainment for you time in the car but you’ll also need to think about some additional touches to keep everyone going on the long road trip. This is the perfect chance to play some car games or plan some quizzes which you can play whilst you are on the road. Not only will games keep everyone’s spirits up, they are great group activities which will bring people on the trip together. Another great tip is to put a frisbee or a ball in the car, so that when you stop there is something fun to do.

The Boring Stuff

Road trips that have gone wrong make for great stories in the future but whilst you are on the trip it is literally the last thing that you need to happen, and this is why you should be prepared. Make sure that the car has a spare tire, some basic tools for fixing things on the go and a first aid kit for the inevitable injury that someone will have. Also be sure that you pack up with some dry food and some bottled water, as you may end up in the middle of nowhere with no shop in sight.


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