London 2019: Festivals You Need To Go To

By admin / November 22, 2018

London is one of those cities that you just can’t get enough of. No matter what time of year you visit, there is always something going on that will make you fall in love with the city just a little bit more. So, whether you have a trip planned already and are putting the finishing touches to your itinerary, or are looking for inspiration for when to go, here is a list of special events that make this city so wonderful:

Burns Night

Robert Burns was a Scottish poet who became a much-revered national icon. Burns night is the anniversary of his birth, January 25th, and the British celebrate this date with a traditional Scottish supper and music. Across London, the bars and restaurants pay homage to this lyricist by serving traditional Scottish foods of haggis and tatties, washed down with a dram of whiskey. If you are lucky, you will even be able to enjoy bagpipes and join in with the ceilidh dancing. If you don’t have a dance party, don’t worry, Dior Escorts can put you in touch with one of their London escorts to join you for fun.

St Patrick’s Day

If you can’t make it to Dublin for the St Patrick’s Day celebrations on March 19th, London can provide you with a fantastic alternative. It is estimated that 10% of the British population have at least one Irish grandparent, so you can understand why the parades are so celebrated. The procession makes it way down Piccadilly past some of London’s most iconic buildings before getting to Trafalgar Square where Irish musicians and acts entertain the crowds.

Gay Pride

If there is one thing that Londoners do well, celebrations have to be top of the list. Gay Pride is taking place on July 6th, 2019, and is a huge celebration of LGBT+ identities, history, and achievements. The first official Gay Pride in London was in 1972 and attracted 2,000 supporters. In 2018, there were over 1 million people celebrating, so 2019 promises to be a record-breaking event. The procession starts at Portland Place station and heads to Trafalgar Square. There are floats, performance, music, and a city-wide carnival vibe.

Notting Hill Carnival

The UK has several public holidays each year, and the last of the year is the final weekend of August. This is when the streets of west London come alive for Notting Hill Carnival and are taken over by costumed performers, floats, steel bands and Calypso: the sounds and sights of the Caribbean. The carnival takes over the zip codes of London W10 and W11. You’ll need to head out early as the public transport to these areas are disrupted – there are over a million carnival goers over the weekend!

The stereotypical view of the British is that they are straight-laced and uptight; however, you only need to a spend a small amount of time in the UK to appreciate that this is a myth, especially in relation to the festival and carnival goers! London is a diverse and inclusive city that unifies to celebrate differences with an electrifying energy and vibe.

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