How to use an Anagram Unscramble

By admin / August 21, 2019

Most people love to play scrabble, solve crossword puzzles, or fill in the word puzzles that are found in the daily newspaper. However, one thing is clear: you need the ability to rearrange a set of letters into a recognizable pattern to play these ord-games. An Anagram is a word or phrase spelled by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. The word anagram is derived from the Greek “Ana-grammatismo,” which means “to transport letters.” An anagram can begin as a simple collection of a few letters as long as these letters can be rearranged into an identifiable word.

Since anagrams are a crucial part of several word games, most people look for ways to improve their ability to solve these games. While it is true that some people are better than others, the good news is that you can use some techniques to improve your ability. Here is how to use an anagram unscramble.

  1. Circle. Always try to place the letters randomly in a circular pattern. This strategy will dismantle the initial order and any misleading sound combination. Additionally, it will make it easy to determine all the possible letter-grouping that can connect to form an identifiable word.
  2. Suffix and Prefix. Make sure you search for any potential prefixes or suffixes in the letters. Some common letter groupings that can form a suffix include –ING, -ER, -RY, OUS, or –TION. You can also look for prefix combinations such as UN-, DIS-, RE-, IN-, or EX. Separating these letters from the others makes it easy for you to handle the remaining letters. However, some anagram unscrambles avoid words that begin or end this way. As such, you have to look for other methods if this does not work for you.
  3. Pairings. Two types of pairings may occur when using an anagram unscramble: common and uncommon pairings. Make sure you look for letters that often go together and try to combine them to form a word or phrase. The letter Q is the most obvious and will mostly be followed by letter U. Additionally, the letter H tends to follow either letter C, G, P, S, T, or W unless it is at the beginning of a word. You should also try to eliminate any unlikely pairings of letters. These pairings are letters that do not tend to follow each other in most English words.
  4. Consonants Only. Look for those letters that are typically consonants in a specific grouping. These letters will give you the shape and sound of a word. Avoid ignoring consonants and vowels. Instead, place the consonants in a circle to combine them easily and form a word. If the number of vowels is limited, you can try to separate them from the consonants. Alternatively, if the number of vowels is large, you can try combining two or more vowels. Common vowel combinations include OU, EA, and IOU.

Now that you know how to use an anagram log on to to practice and perfect your skills.


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