How to Tell if Your Loved One Is Ready for a Senior Living Facility

By admin / October 12, 2020

The elders in our lives nurtured us and helped us find our way in the world. So, when the time comes, we want to make sure they live well and receive the care they need.

Part of ensuring this includes noticing the signs that they can no longer live at home. Though nobody wants to give up independence, staying home alone past a certain point poses serious risks and does not allow people to live life to the fullest.

Read on to learn how to tell when your loved one needs a senior living facility.

Slips and Falls

Falls bring more older Americans into the emergency room for both fatal and non-fatal injuries than any other type of accident. Even a little slip can create a large impact physically and economically for a senior citizen.

In a home, people run a much higher risk of falling due to steps, slippery surfaces, and simply dropping an item on the floor. When a person does fall, they may lay there for hours or days when they cannot call for help, worsening the extent of the injury.

Nursing homes, by design, allow older adults to navigate safely, as they install rails and other safety mechanisms to reduce the risk. If your loved one starts slipping or shows signs that they could, it is time to look into senior living. Check out for a tour.


Everybody gets a little scattered brained every now and again. But, when it begins to happen often, you should take note.

If your loved one shows signs of dementia, they can no longer live home alone safely. Forgetting things like food in the oven can turn catastrophic quickly. When they get regularly forgetful, they need constant care to keep them safe.


Living alone can get lonely for anybody. But, especially for an older adult who can no longer leave the house easily or drive themselves.

At a senior living facility, your loved one will receive endless opportunities to interact with peers. They can eat meals together and attend a number of fun activities throughout the week.

Inability to Care for Themselves

If you notice that your loved one can no longer properly care for themselves, then they may need to live in a nursing home. In the beginning, you may notice subtle things, like greasy hair from not showering enough or bad breath from not brushing their teeth as they should.

This might also manifest in things you do not see, like hunger from not being able to cook their own meals any more. If left alone when they cannot care for themselves, they will quickly lose quality of life.

Is It Time for Senior Living?

If you notice one or all of these signs, then your loved one needs a new way of living. Transitions can feel scary, and they may not wat to move at first, but easing them into the change will offer them a better and safer quality of life.

Are you looking for fun activities for when you visit your loved one at their senior living facility? Check out the hobbies page on our website for ideas!

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