Electric Skateboards: All you Need to Know

By admin / January 19, 2022

The world is constantly in a state of change, with new and innovative devices coming out on an almost daily basis and electric skateboards are becoming very popular around the world. Like most things, electric skateboards are complex pieces of equipment and it won’t surprise you to learn that there are different types of boards.

The Longboard

The majority of electric skateboards on the roads are long boards, which is roughly the same size as a regular non-motorised skateboard, and for a beginner, the perfect choice is one of the electric skateboards with longboard dimensions. Longboards have softer wheels, which makes for a more comfortable experience and there are online suppliers of leading brands at the best prices.

The Short Board

This style has smaller wheels and is obviously shorter than its long cousin, with a curve at each end to assist with moves and twists. Pros prefer short boards and would have them made by the best in the business and if you are looking for a starter ride, Google electric skateboards near me for a list of suppliers. Generally speaking, short boards are not motorised, as they are mainly used to perform tricks, while an electric skateboard is more about getting from A to B.

Off Road Electric Skateboards

These are amazing and great for exploring forest trails, with rugged knobbly tyres, these tough little boards can go anywhere. Make sure you wear a helmet when on your electric board and most people get some padding for the knees and elbows, at least until you are competent. The off-road board has a more powerful motor, enabling hill climbs and is made to a tougher standard. If you are looking for a new hobby, click here.

Practice Makes Perfect

Once your electric skateboard is ordered and delivered, get out on the streets and practice; you’ll soon get the hang of it, even if you have zero skateboarding experience. The principle of riding is the same as a regular skateboard, shifting your upper body and tilting the board a little to turn and it won’t take you long before you are competent.

Removable & Rechargeable Battery

It couldn’t be easier to snap the battery out and charge it in a regular power socket and at the next known time, you are good to go! Lightweight and easy to carry, an electric skateboard gives you free and independent short-distance travel, which is great if you live a few miles from your office. Here is some SA government information on rules for riding motorised scooters and skateboards, which you should read.

Electric Skateboard Motors

There are two types of motor; hub and belt drive. The belt drive version uses a belt to take the energy to the rear wheels, whereas with the hub type, the motor is directly connected to the wheels. Belt drive is every bit as efficient as hub units and when searching for an online supplier, all the information about each product would be on the website.


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