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Are You An Avid Gamer? Here’s An Overview Of The Most Comfortable, Coolest Chairs You Can Use

A chair is just a chair – so they say. But when you’re a gaming aficionado, you can’t just settle for the first chair you can find. The right chair makes a world of difference if you want to enjoy hours and hours of playing without your back betraying you in the middle of the night. You want a chair that’s not only comfortable but cool-looking as well. It all comes down to your preference in the end – some gamers swear by a giant bean bag, and there are those who are all praise for the La-Z-Boy (especially one with a built-in cooler, one of the best chairs for gamers who want to have an icy brew while enjoying their favorite game) but if you’re serious about finding the proper chair, here’s an overview of the most comfortable, coolest chairs you can use.

  • The BestOffice Mesh Computer Chair (Mid-Back)

This chair has earned the distinction of being one of the best budget chairs around, not only because of its affordable price but also because of the comfort it brings. This chair goes for less than $50. But aside from the price, the BestOffice mesh computer chair comes with the usual features: from height adjustment to tilt control to a 360-degree swivel feature. But the one feature which makes this chair stand out is its mesh back, ideal for proper airflow while you’re in game mode. Be warned, however: while this chair has some good features, it’s built and designed more for those who game once in a while and not for those who go for a marathon session.

  • The Flash Furniture chair with Triple Paddle controls

Another chair which can give you value for your money would be the Flash Furniture mid-back chair with mesh and triple paddle controls. The chair comes with a number of mechanisms for proper adjustment, and its ventilated mesh back is a nice addition. You also have about 10 options when it comes to the color you would like, and the chair is known for its ‘one size fits all’ design. It also features a padding which is extra thick for extra comfort, and its paddles (which are extra-large) make for easy adjustments, too. The chair’s price is around $65 online.

  • The Giantex Race-Car Style Chair

The Giantex company has released its very own high-back, race-car style chair with a bucket seat, which looks as cool as they come. The chair comes in 4 colors, so you can choose your preference, and while it will set you back around $80, it has a great-looking bucket seat style and the padding is good as well. If this chair isn’t too much to your liking, you can opt for another Giantex chair: the Giantex High Back leather chair, which is an ergonomic chair that comes in both white with a few black-colored accents and black with a few white-colored accents. The chair looks chic and stylish, and it is distinguished by its ‘waterfall-style’ cushions which are very comfortable.

  • The Homall High Back Chair

A chair that’s built expressly for gaming, the Homall high back chair with bucket seating looks especially appealing if you go for the black one with the red-colored accents. The chair is known for being quite sturdy, and it comes with a definite bonus: you can rock it back and forth if you are so inclined. This high back chair comes with PU leather which is durable, and the chair also features leather wheels which are actually safer for hardwood flooring than other materials. The arms of the chair can be flipped up and it offers contoured support for your lower back – a great value for money purchase at just below $100.

  • The Lorell Executive mesh chair

Another chair which is making waves with gamers is the Lorell Executive mesh chair with a high back, which can offer you the best balance when it comes to price and features. As proof, the chair comes with three-lever controls, tilt adjustment, and seat height control, and the armrests of the chair can actually be adjusted according to width and height (this feature hasn’t been seen with any other chair, either). Since the Lorell Executive mesh chair comes with a mesh back, it can keep you comfortable even when it’s warm, and the combination fabric and mesh seating do the same.

  • The Arozzi Enzo racing-style chair

The Arozzi Enzo racing-style chair is one of the coolest-looking chairs around, with a price ranging from about $200 to $300 if you add more features. The chair has a clean and well-designed style as well as comfortable cushioning. It’s quite sturdy as well, and some gamers have described it as being even more comfortable compared to the DX Racer gaming chair. Be aware, though, that the chair’s armrests can’t really be adjusted, and it doesn’t come with neck pillows and a backrest – if you want these, you can buy them separately.

  • The DX Racer Formula gaming chair

Now we move on to the ever-popular DX Racer Formula gaming chair, a good choice for any gaming enthusiast, especially those who are keen on eSports. The chair is offered in a number of colors and styles, and it looks sportier than other chairs. You can opt for a chair covered in cloth or vinyl, or you can go for the patented upholstery (used for race cars) which is more breathable and luxurious. So, what can you expect from this chair? First of all, it comes with a high backrest which is also straight, and most styles of the DX Racer Formula chair come with adjustable and detachable neck and lumbar pillows as well. The back of the chair is flexible and can be adjusted to up to 180 degrees, and it also features armrests which are fully adjustable, adjustable height, and a tilting mechanism. The price for the chair ranges from around $300 to as much as $450 if you opt for the King Series.

Of course, there are other chairs which may tickle your fancy as a gamer but choosing the ideal chair for your gaming needs takes some careful thought and consideration. Choose wisely, enjoy your game, and have fun!

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