Tips to Prepare Your Kids to Get Back to School

By admin / October 3, 2018

School’s back in session, and that means that the kids need to get back to the routine. Whether your child’s going to school for the first time, or they’re going back after having the summer off, here’s how you can get them prepared for going back to class.

Pick Up the School Uniforms

Now’s the time to pick up those school uniforms, while the kids are getting ready to go back to school. You’ll be able to ensure they still fit when they’re going back for their first day. Thanks to many high street chains, you can buy them cheaper than ever before.

Along with those uniforms, buy a marker or a batch of name tags. Spend some time with your child writing or sewing those name tags in. By involving them, you’re making them more responsible for their clothing, and hopefully, there will be fewer jumpers left in the lost and found box by the end of the first day back.

Buy the Stationery Before They Go Back

Most schools will have some stationery on hand, but your child is going to need things like pencil cases and backpacks. Again, it’s well worth involving your child in the stationery shopping. They’ll enjoy buying pieces that they’ll love, and because you’ve involved them, they’ll be more responsible with it. You can save money by heading to The Works to get all your back to school bits and pieces. There’s everything from pencils to set texts that your children may be studying when they go back to class, all for good prices.

Set Up A Homework Station

Before kids go back to school, create a homework station in your home, so they’re ready as soon as they get their first assignment. This doesn’t need to be too elaborate. Fill a box with pens, pencils, rulers, and anything else your child will need to do their homework, and leave it in the area where they will be working. That way, they can get to work right away, rather than spending precious time locating supplies.

Turn Off the Games

Your child’s been spending the summer playing video games and watching TV much more often than they would normally. If they go back to school without reducing this amount, it’s going to be a real culture shock for them. Start tapering down their usage now, by encouraging them to play instead, or read a book. By doing this, you’re getting them ready to get back into learning.

Prepare for The Unexpected

Finally, you’ll need to think about what you’ll do if something happens. What if your child is ill, or you’re asked to take them home in the middle of the day? Organise a family member or babysitter now, so you know what to do if the unexpected happens.

With these tips, you and your child will be ready for the new school year. Start now and they’ll be ready to learn when they go back.

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