Tasteful Ways to Console Those in Grief

By admin / June 14, 2021

When a friend or family member is grieving, many people feel a deep sense of helplessness—it can be painful to realize you can’t make things easier for your loved one in this difficult time. Still, simply showing sincere compassion and being there for your loved one in their time of need can make a world of difference. Remembrance gifts are a simple yet meaningful way to support someone through this time of sorrow. There’s no way to take away their pain, but your condolences are sure to mean a lot.

Lend a hand.


From hours spent searching for the best “funeral home near me” to planning services and sharing the news and grief with other loved ones, your friend or family member likely has a lot on their plate without even considering the emotional impact of mourning. For some, keeping busy with tasks like these is an essential factor in the grieving process. For others, it can be overwhelming. In that case, helping to take some of those to-dos off their list can be a practical yet worthwhile service-based sympathy gift.

Consider their beliefs.


One way to ensure your remembrance gift is particularly meaningful is to consider your loved one’s beliefs. If they’re religious, for example, lighting a candle in your home or at church in remembrance of their late friend, family member, or pet will maintain that legacy in a way that’s significant in these trying times. If your family members, friends, or others you care about are more spiritual in their beliefs, including them in an All Saints Day or Día de los Muertos celebration might be a more fitting memorial gift. Different religions and cultures grieve differently, so paying attention to their beliefs and traditions is a great way to make sure your sympathy gift is tailored to your friend or family’s needs.

Memorialize whomever they’ve lost.


A customized memorial gift is one expression of sympathy and support that your loved one is sure to cherish. Whether they’re grieving a loved one’s death or that of a pet, they’ll appreciate condolence gifts that preserve a special memory. Consider options like an engraved photo frame, memorial wind chime, custom bracelet, or another memorial keepsake to offer a tangible memory of the person or pet who’s no longer with them in a physical sense. Even a memorial gift as simple as drying and preserving a few funeral flowers can become something special! In many cases, the funeral home may specify whether the deceased has requested something specific to remember them by, such as a charitable donation to a particular cause.

Be there for them.


However your loved ones are grieving, being there with them along the way is often the most potent grief support message you can offer. Hold their hand through funeral services or talk through how this loss of pet or person affects them. Sit in silence with them to provide tacit support. Sometimes the most straightforward, effortless sort of grief support will be precisely the sort of comfort that’s needed most.

For each unique loss, there’s a unique method of grief. As a result, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to console someone who’s in mourning. A memorial cuff bracelet reminding them of their beloved dog might be what some people need. For others, just being with them as they navigate the rollercoaster of grief is enough, whether that’s talking to the funeral director or letting them cherish your silent support. Sympathy gifts, both tangible and service-centered, come in many forms. By paying attention to your loved ones, learning how best to meet their needs, and being there for them through it all, you can make this difficult time a little easier.


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