Moving With Kids: 5 Tips for Helping Your Kids Adjust to a New Home

By admin / January 12, 2021

Are you part of the almost 10% of Americans who are moving this year? Families move for a variety of reasons, with the top reasons being housing-related, new job opportunities, and changes in family status.

No matter what the reason for your change of address, moving with kids adds complexity. Kids often resist changes, especially if they’ve never moved before. Making the move easier for them can ease some of those negative emotions.

Keep reading for five pieces of moving advice when you’re moving with kids.

1. Make the Move Easier for You

When moving to a new house, you have a long to-do list, including packing, changing your mailing address, setting up utilities, and the actual move itself. Dealing with those things can be stressful, and that stress can make it more difficult to focus on your kids and their feelings. It also creates a general feeling of stress and anxiety in the home, which can make the move more difficult for kids.

Streamline the moving process to decrease your stress. This creates a more positive attitude toward the move for everyone, and it frees you up to support your kids and their emotions related to the move.

An easy way to do that is to hire a moving service such as that has multiple move-related services. These companies can handle packing, storage, moving, vehicle transport, and other services to shorten your moving to-do list.

2. Prepare Before Moving

Expect your kids to express anxiety, anger, and other potentially negative emotions when you tell them about the move. Encourage them to express those feelings, and don’t try to talk them out of those feelings. Validating and helping them process how them feel is a healthy way to deal with the move.

Let your kids have some control over the move. Instead of forcing them to get rid of toys or clutter, let them decide what they keep and get rid of.

Let them help pack their belongings. This involvement and decision-making gives them a sense of control in a situation that feels like they have no control.

3. Create Consistency

Kids crave consistency, so keeping their schedule as close to normal as possible can make the move easier. This can be especially important when moving with kids after divorce since lots of things are changing in their lives.

Keep comfort items, such as stuffed animals or special blankets, with your kids throughout the move. Set up their bedrooms first when you arrive to give them a safe space. Keep routines similar in your new home so they know what to expect.

4. Explore New Things

You have a lot to set up when moving to a new house, but take time to explore your new surroundings. Checking out local parks, restaurants, and other fun spots gets your kids excited about the new location. Meeting neighbors, especially ones with kids, can also help kids adjust.

When you can’t go out and explore, take breaks from unpacking to have fun with your kids. Use the moving boxes to make a cool fort or play tag in the backyard.

5. Stay Connected

Whether you’re moving to a new city in your state or moving across the country, let your kids stay in touch with their old friends. Staying connected online makes it easier than ever with Zoom, Skype, and similar tools. You can also send packages or letters to friends.

Make Moving With Kids Easier

Moving with kids can be difficult, especially if your kids are resistant to the move. Being aware of their feelings, helping them process the move, and making the new community feel like home can help with the transition.

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