How to Hold an Intervention: The Essential Steps

By admin / May 25, 2021

If you’re worried about someone you love, you might be thinking of an intervention.

An intervention is a great way to broach some tough subjects in a healthy, positive way. From someone suffering from addiction to a loved one who has developed some negative behavior patterns, sometimes all everyone needs is to address what’s going on.

But, making sure an intervention goes well isn’t always easy. People don’t like to be confronted with their personal issues and if you don’t approach the situation properly, it can do more harm than good! Making sure you do some research into how to hold an intervention is key to getting it right.

Find out all the tips in this guide to staging an intervention to find out more.

Choose Your Team

When staging an intervention, it’s normal to have a small team of people there. But, there’s a fine line between showing your loved one you want to help and making them feel like they’re being bombarded by people! So, try and keep your team small.

Choose people who the individual trusts, like their parents, a close friend, or another close family member, and make sure everyone’s on board with the intervention. You’re all going to have to meet up to discuss the intervention prior to it happening, too, so make sure you can get on with everyone and it’s easy to arrange meetings. If anyone has a difficult relationship with the individual, even if they’re close, ask them not to join for the sake of your loved one.

Understand Their Problem

Understanding the person you want to help is a must. For example, if you’re living with a recovering addict who seems to be slipping back into old patterns, make sure you’re well researched on addiction and relapse. Look into the causes, what you can do to help, and understand more about how the individual may be feeling so that you can speak with empathy and knowledge.

Pick a Safe Location

When it comes to interventions for family members or friends, you need to choose a private, neutral location. It’s usually best to hold the talk outside of your homes, such as at a psychiatrist office or a hired space, like a community center. Everyone will be on their best behavior here and large arguments are less likely.

Know What You’re Going to Say

Negative behavior or addiction support are never easy subjects to broach, but having a script will help. By knowing what you’re going to say you can prevent yourself from meandering from the point and stay in control of the situation. Make sure you take time preparing a script and don’t deviate from it during the intervention, no matter how hard that may be!

Research More Tips on How to Hold an Intervention

When it comes to how to hold an intervention, there are plenty of tops out there that can help! Make sure you do all of the research and preparation you can before you speak to your loved one and it’s likely to go a whole lot smoother.

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