Dangerous Mobile Applications For Teens

By admin / February 5, 2020

While there are some mobile phone applications that are good for the growth of children, there are some that will have them feeling down.

Although we know that, the software developers created these applications with pure intentions people have managed to twist them.

Below we look at dome mobile applications that may be dangerous for teenagers.

Applications to avoid as a Teen


This is a great application for children of the same school to connect. However, the same children can use the application and stay anonymous. This has ten lead to cases of cyberbullying unlike machines à sous where you play to win.


As you can already tell by the name, this is a question and answer application. Users aged 13 and above, it is a great way to get to know someone.

However, the very same application, with the question and answers has been used as a form of cyberbullying. This has led to cases of teen suicides.


Blendr gives teens a place to talk and get to know each other. However on the same app, is a part to rate a person’s hotness. In addition, we all know rating hotness there will be social comparison.

At the same time, on this very same application, there is no age limit, which results in teens having conversations with adults.

We would rather the adults stick to best sports betting sites Canada gaming applications. As they are a great way to make extra case and blow off steam.


This application is all about getting to know strangers. Through other social media applications, teens are matched with different users for video chats. Users can also scroll down to look for people they want to talk to. However, this application has been known as the hub for nudity and violence.


This is a video chatting application. As such, friends can communicate via live video chat. However, there is no screening and inappropriate content is not filtered. And just like a real house party, teens can meet up with random strangers.

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