A Comprehensive Guide to Choose Childcare Services or Facility for your Child

By admin / June 24, 2021

Whether you choose family daycare, in-home care, or child care center, there are essential things you must know and insist upon. To help you make all these critical decisions carefully, this article has compiled some of the top tips to help parents choose reliable daycare services or facilities for their young children.

Do your homework

Before you choose specific childcare for your child, it is essential to do in-depth research about most of the nearby daycare facilities. Visit each potential site and pay attention to how the daycare staff interacts with the kids. Ideally, an experienced caregiver must be on the floor playing with the children or holding one on her lap. During the early development stages of a child, nearly all babies need loving, close, and highly interactive relationships with the adults taking care of them.

This is the primary reason that your child’s first caregiver should be responsive and warm. Even in group care, all babies and infants need a healthy dose of one-on-one time with a caring adult. So, before you choose a specific daycare for your child, it is crucial to ensure that the specific facility you choose offers reliable care for children.

Ask for commitment from the child care

Your child needs consistent, predictable, and professional care. It helps the child to develop a secure attachment to the caregiver. So, if you are looking for a reliable childcare facility like Wee Watch, it is essential to request that the person in charge must make a one-year commitment to the job. If you’re considering a daycare, it is in your best interest to find out how long the current caregiver has been working in that facility and how much turnover the facility often experiences.

Check the facility’s policies

Perform policy checks to find out whether you share some of the parenting philosophies on various topics such as discipline. Find out if the caregivers scold or shout to the children. Other issues that you may want to consider are various policies regarding the use of televisions, child feeding, healthy sleeping, and more.

You may also want to inquire about whether there is a sick-child policy and specifically what symptoms could prevent a child from spending some time in childcare. Remember, the more questions you ask regarding the facility’s policy, the better you will understand how it operates. This will make it easier for you to determine whether that facility is a good place for your child. Your child’s safety and healthy development must be prioritized in the childcare facility you choose.

Drop by and see how things are done in the facility

Although referrals and word-of-mouth from other parents or trusted resources may be important, you need to look at the facility and assess it yourself. Find out if the facility meets your needs and whether it is suitable for your child. Of course, the childcare environment must be kept childproofed, clean, and well-stocked with the right books and toys that are labelled age-appropriate. You may also want to consider whether all the children share toys and space with infants. Do the toys have small parts or choking hazards?

Ideally, infants must have their own area where they get special care rather than sharing the same space with the older babies. A separate area or room dedicated solely to bouncers and swings may look appealing at first glance, but you must keep in mind that your growing child will need plenty of space and enough time to develop his or her strength.

During your visit to the childcare facility, you may want to pay attention to how various things are done within the facility. It is also recommended to visit the facility several times but during different times of the day to get a clear image of what the facility’s routine is. Sometimes, you should visit the facility unannounced, particularly after enrolling your child, just to see how things are going.

Trust your gut

As a parent, you will always know when something doesn’t feel right, perhaps you’ve been turned off by the child care facility that everyone in town is talking about or even clashed with a highly recommended babysitter. When that happens, just keep on searching for a good facility for your child. After all, babies desire and often thrive in nurturing care. So, if some things just do not feel right about a certain facility, look for a better one.


You are not fixed to a particular situation, and if things do not work out, it is in your best interest to switch to another child care facility. As much as you want consistency for your child, that doesn’t mean you should keep him or her in an unsafe environment. Your baby may be resilient as long as he or she is in a positive environment. But the moment you realize that a child care facility is not safe for your child, it is recommended to switch to a different one immediately.

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