Why Choose AMD Ryzen Laptops Over The Intel Ones?

By admin / May 26, 2022

Just a few years ago, a conversation about choosing laptops with processor cores from Intel or AMD would have ended in tears for those advocating AMD over Intel. AMD did not have anything new to offer and their price points for processors were higher than their Intel contemporaries. What was even more damning for AMD processors was overheating issues that seemed to plague their flagship processor cores.

And yet a lot has changed. Now when we talk about processors for laptops and desktops, AMD is always the first choice. It has been able to overcome all its adversaries and problems, most of which were due to mismanagement and the brand is now number one for people seeking processors for their personal and corporate computers and laptops.

So, why should one choose the AMD Ryzen Laptops over the others?

They are Affordable

AMD Ryzen Laptops are competitively priced; in most cases, they are about 10-20 % less than their contemporary Intel processor.

They have Good Benchmark Scores

Laptops have been known to buckle under graphics-heavy intensive work and it has been happening more often in recent times when games employ the latest graphics engines. However, in comparison to their Intel contemporaries, AMD Ryzen processors have consistently scored higher in the PC Benchmark tests. For applications like PowerPoint and multiple browsing, which employ multiple threads and cores, AMD Ryzen chipsets have sometimes scored over 150% faster than its nearest Intel rival.

Good Gaming Is Easily Achieved

The latest Ryzen H Series embodies the best that AMD has to offer when it comes to gaming. They have the best noise to revolutions ratio, ensuring less heat is generated in the processor while intensive gaming does not take a backseat. Since the AMD H Series is also very small, the laptops utilising the H Series chipsets are also lighter, smaller, and sleeker looking than Intel rivals.

Processing Speeds Are Through The Roof

With base clock speeds going up to 3 GHz for the Ryzen 4 series for laptops, it’s safe to say that they will provide enough speed to the processor core for CPU intensive work. Overclocking can be done to these processors, leading them to get up to 4.2 GHz with ease. More with a minimum of 16 threads to take care of multitasking, the AMD Ryzen processors are simply the best in the present scenario.

Proper After Sales Support

One avenue that AMD has improved by leaps and bounds is their after-sales support. The word AMD did not elicit any favourable response from the people bound to purchase laptops a few years ago. But AMD has stepped up their game by putting up after-sales support centres and 24X7 call centres for maximum troubleshooting help for the new and old customers of their AMD Ryzen laptops.

If you are still sceptical about purchasing AMD Ryzen laptops, head over to any AMD store and ask for a demonstration. Moreover, there are plenty of technical gurus online eliciting the virtues of purchasing AMD Ryzen laptops, so head over there if you need any more convincing.


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