Should I Get an Indoor or Outdoor TV Antenna?

By admin / December 29, 2019

Have you ever been comfortably sitting watching your favorite tv program when the signal suddenly cuts out? It’s frustrating, to say the least, but it certainly makes you realize the importance of choosing the best tv antenna.

If you’re thinking about getting the best reception for your tv, you need to consider whether an indoor or outdoor tv antenna is best suited to you. Here’s some information to help you decide.

Indoor TV Antenna

Choosing an indoor antenna will depend on a few things. For example, if you live in an apartment block and it’s simply impossible to erect an outdoor antenna, an indoor antenna is your only option.

However, you can also opt for an indoor antenna if you live within a few miles of the broadcast station. You’re likely to get a very good signal, whether your antenna is inside or outside.

Many people don’t like the idea of installing an indoor antenna because they visualize them as big and bulky. The truth is, you can get many forms of antennas these days- most of them small and discreet. Here’s an antenna installation guide that may help you understand more clearly.

The downside to having an indoor antenna is that it has to work to get the signal through housing materials, such as bricks, wood, and metal. You’ll need to position your antenna in a place with the least amount of interference.

Outdoor TV Antenna

Outdoor antennas are often the best option for receiving good signal on your TV. Most antennas are positioned on the top of your home’s roof so the signal can be received without trees, buildings or anything else getting in the way.

You can also choose to put your antenna somewhere else. For example, the side of your house or erected on a tripod in your garden. However, you should ensure enough signal is reaching your antenna before you make a firm decision on where it should go.

Try out different areas around your home and find out where you get the best reception before you begin drilling any holes. It’s often better to get a professional to install your antenna because a professional will know where pipes and wires are likely to be when drilling.

It’s a good idea to ask your neighbors how their signal is so you’ve got a good starting point. If your neighbors get a bad signal on the channels you enjoy the most, you may want to find a different position to theirs.

Making Your Decision

Choosing between an indoor or outdoor tv antenna often comes down to personal preference. Even though you want a good reception for your tv, you may find having an outdoor antenna looks unsightly on your home.

You can compromise by choosing an indoor antenna for your attic, so you’re more likely to get a better signal. Take a look at your nearest broadcast station so you’re more informed before making your choice.

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