Remodeling Your Patio? Different Patio Door Options to Consider

By admin / December 13, 2019

Patio doors aren’t just for function and design, properly installed ones can save up to 15% on your home’s energy costs.

Choosing the right patio door means deciding on the style, material, and fitting to make your home bright and airtight. It should also match the exterior of your home while accenting your outdoor area.

So, when remodeling your home, think about replacing the backdoor or changing a window into a backyard entrance.

Use this patio door options guide to help you decide.

Style Options

There are four types of patio doors: French, sliding, folding and stacking. The size and layout of your home as well as your backyard area might determine which style works best.

French Doors

Traditional French doors include one or two full-size panels on hinges that open out toward the patio or in toward the home’s interior. One door may be stationary or in a locked position.

Both doors usually are made of glass centers to let in ample natural light.

French doors require space to open so they may not work in homes with smaller rooms or large furniture near the door.

Sliding Doors

A more modern-style patio door is the sliding kind. These glass doors stay on a horizontal track to open and close. They consist of two or more panels, one of which moves along the track.

Sliding doors have a handle that allows you to move the door usually left to right. These doors are space-savers as they don’t swing into your home or outside.

Folding Doors

Larger homes can utilize the newest sliding glass door alternatives like a folding glass door. This type of door can be used to connect the patio to the interior of your home.

These folding glass doors consist of several panels that are hinged together. They can be pushed aside and hidden from view when opened.

They are perfect for warm environments where doors can be open for an extended time without changing your home’s temperature.

Stacking Doors

Similar to folding doors, other alternatives to sliding glass doors are the stacking option. Glass doors slide along 3 to 6 tracks overlapping each other.

This type of patio door has large floor-to-ceiling glass panels to give a full view of the backyard and the horizon.

Door Materials

When you are looking for a new door or sliding glass door replacement options, then you want to consider your material. The material used will affect your insulation, wear-and-tear, and design.

Here are a few material choices and their pros and cons:


  • strong and durability
  • hard to manipulate for breaking in
  • modern look
  • bonds to insulation
  • more expensive


  • natural look
  • easy to custom fit
  • simple to paint
  • inexpensive
  • can get wet and warp


  • airtight yet flexible
  • easy to clean
  • inexpensive
  • warps and can bend during installation
  • fewer design options (can’t paint)


  • textured design options
  • low maintenance
  • customized painting or staining
  • won’t rust or warp
  • more expensive
  • difficult to cut and install


  • resistance to rust and mildew
  • holds up against various climates
  • lightweight
  • inexpensive
  • not as energy efficient

When choosing a patio door material you should think about your budget, your climate, and installation customization. Cheaper options may work if you do not live in a place with extreme weather and if you have someone installing the door for you.

Door Designs

Most patio door ideas will include your frame material, hardware choices, and glass options. Use these design tips to match your patio door to your home’s decor.


The frame material will be chosen from one of the options in the above section. Your frame keeps the glass panels in place while providing an air-tight installation. It also is a major part of your door’s aesthetic appeal.

Frames will need to be cut to fit tightly within the cutout of your door. The manufacturing and installation of the frame should be done by a professional to ensure proper fitting.


Hardware includes your handles, locks, and other security features. You can choose from brass, stainless steel, nickel, bronze, and colored PVC. Designs also vary, from the size and shape of the handle to the function of the locks.

Most patio doors have security bars to avoid intrusion and come in many different styles depending on the type of patio door.

You can look at alarm systems to further protect yourself from fragile glass door break-ins.


The focal point of your patio door is the glass surface. It allows in the right amount of sunlight while keeping your home secure and comfortable.

You may not think that the glass on your door has many options, but there are some things to consider.

For extreme weather like snow, heat, and hurricanes, there are windows equipped with double- or triple-pane glass, heat-locking technology, and UV-protection layers.

You can use these technologies to preserve your home’s temperature and ensure that you keep elements like wind and rain out of your home. Strong glass will also prevent disasters like shattered glass.

Patio Door Options to Make Your Home

No matter which patio door options you choose, make sure that it fits the style of your home. A cottage type house would look complete with wooden French doors and a large colonial home would have space for folding glass doors.

Think about these choices before getting started on remodeling your home. And for more ways to update your house visit the home improvement section of our blog.

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