Make the Most of Your Vacation With These 5 Money-Saving Tips

By admin / October 23, 2020

You’d love to travel more often—but who can afford all that? With hotels, airfare, and dining out, travel can be expensive.

However, if you’re hoping to travel more, the secret is to save money wherever you can. Savvy travelers know that, with a bit of planning and changes to routine, you can save plenty of money, even when traveling overseas.

To learn more, here are five money-saving tips that will help you save money on vacation,  which is good for both your holiday and your bank account.

1. Save Money on Vacation By Eating Meals in Your Room

One of our top vacation money-saving tips is to book a hotel or apartment with a kitchenette. This way, you can eat some of your meals in the room, which saves money on expensive restaurant bills.

While dining is part of the fun of travel, why not at least make your own breakfast? It’ll lead to big savings.

Or, at least look for a hotel that includes a continental breakfast in the price.

2. Do Plenty of Research Before Booking

Hotel and flight prices can vary massively based on booking sites and even days of the week, so it helps to shop around. Before booking your trip, do lots of research online and try to find sites that offer the best prices, like BuyVia just 9,99.

3. Consider Hostels

Many people forget about hostels, but they can be a great way to save money when traveling. They can be much less expensive than hotels and are usually centrally located.

Many hostels are family-friendly too, with larger rooms to accommodate both kids and parents.

4. Earn Points with Your Credit Card

Do you use your credit card for things like groceries and gas? If so, make sure you’re using a credit card that offers points.

You can collect points earned for everyday purchases and put them towards your flights, an easy way to reduce the cost of travel.

5. Avoid Airport ATMs

It can be hard to avoid bank fees when traveling, but it is possible—if you plan ahead. One of the simplest ways to save money is to avoid ATMs at airports wherever you can.

They know that travelers often need cash as soon as they arrive, so they charge high fees for you to access your own money. Plus, the international exchange rates at airports can be bad.

Instead, make a withdrawal from your bank before the trip if you need cash, or try to make purchases with your debit card.

Use These Ideas to Save Money on Trips

Travel is amazing, but it can set you back. If you’re planning your next adventure, save money on vacation by trying out some of the tips above.

They will help you and your family make the most of your holiday, leaving extra money in the bank account when you get home.

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