Kool 8: A water bottle with a noble mission

By admin / July 8, 2019

I am one of those people who are notoriously difficult to convince to drink water. I never really enjoyed drinking it because to me, it lacks flavor. Whenever I craved a cold, refreshing drink, I dreamed of sweet lemonades and passionfruit peach teas.

However, I soon realized that it was not water that I did not enjoy, but the temperature that I often had it at. Thinking about drinking lukewarm water makes my skin crawl. And even if it is slightly cold, but not yet over the line that constitutes as freezing, I will not touch it.

As an athlete, this was my breaking point. Of course, I would pack a cold water bottle with ice, but by the time I reached the field, the ice was melted and you already know how I am with slightly cool water. Still, I continued bringing water to my games but I never loved the taste that I had in my mouth as I went back onto the soccer field.

I knew that I had to find a way to keep my water freezing cold in order to appease my absurdly pompous requests. And that’s when I discovered the Kool 8 water bottle. After a relentless search for the best reusable water bottles, which included the purchasing of at least five that I thought looked impressive (which they, in fact, were not), I was beyond impressed with the Kool 8.

This water bottle has utterly destroyed my distaste for water, all while contributing more benefits to my life than I had ever thought possible. I will lay out all of the best features that this bottle contains, including several reasons as to why it has changed the course of my every day, and always in a good way.

I always crave a hot latte, and I like to sit and sip while I read the morning paper (and I read paper after paper). This has been difficult in the past because, by the time I finished with the New York Times and wanted to move on to The Wall Street Journal, my coffee was cold and tasteless.

I was amazed after the first morning that I used my new sleek grey Kool 8 to store coffee. I expected my coffee to be decreasing in temperature rapidly, as I had been reading for over thirty minutes. But when I took a sip, not only was it hot but it was just as hot as when I had first brewed it. Not a bad start.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s called a Kool 8 water bottle, because it is so much more than that. The Kool8 may keep my water cold for up to 24 hours, but it also works like a thermos! It undoubtedly keeps my tea/coffee hot for 12 hours as well. I am not an iced coffee kind of girl.


This water bottle only continued to surprise me with its elegance (and excellence). After I discovered that it could keep my coffee hot and my water cold throughout the entire day, I figured that there would certainly be something that I found annoying about this water bottle/thermos. I had been unimpressed in the past by some water bottles who didn’t treat me right eventually. This one though was too good to be true.

I ordered one for each of my friends (which is precisely 4 people), and one for each family member, within a few weeks of my use. It felt similar to a time when you discover the best clothing store that literally no one knows exists (but is somehow still in business), and whisper to all of your friends how incredible it is.

The Kool 8 was like this secret that I had unraveled, and I wanted it to be my private indulgence. But then I got over my selfish desires and decided to write this review. I am no longer whispering. This water bottle will unquestionably change your life.

After I was already in love with the Kool 8, I decided to do some research and discover how they made this awe-inspiring creation. This is what I found: The Kool 8 is packed with double-walled vacuum insulation which is why the temperature rarely changes once you put liquid inside.

To no surprise, Kool 8 was rated as the number one water bottle of 2019 by Cool Things Chicago, and they highlighted it’s efficiency as well as the company’s goodwill.

I also wondered about its aesthetics, as it glistens in the sun with its sleek exterior. It looks like it’s constantly being polished due to its modern physique. But how does it stay so shiny? The beauty of the Kool8 will make you super nervous to drop it. And that’s my next favorite part!

The strength of this water bottle is seriously concerning. It is made with stainless steel, preventing it from gathering scratches and tears. You could drop this bottle down a few floors and I am convinced that it would barely have a mark on it. The muscles on the thing are unearthly. It is impenetrable. And it gets better.

Did I mention that it has a built-in tea infuser? No? My bad. This water bottle has a built-in tea infuser! Taking it back to the early 19th century when the tea infuser gained popularity, the Kool 8 has found a way to modernize this little tea-ball. I love a good cup of peach tea (but this time, a hot peach tea), and obviously, it must be steaming hot for me to touch it 😉

And now, for my absolute favorite part of this water bottle: The cause that it proudly stands for. Not only is this water bottle eco-friendly, but it is also socially conscious. Each time you purchase a bottle, 20 percent of the profit goes directly to impoverished countries without clean drinking water. By purchasing a Kool 8, you are lending a hand to underprivileged countries and truly making a difference in the lives of those who have less than you.

Aside from it being socially conscious, it is obviously eco-friendly as it is a reusable water bottle. By using the Kool 8, I am minimizing the number of plastic bottles that are eventually disposed of, adding to the amount of environmental waste.

This is a cause that I am highly passionate about. I am that roommate who rummages through the trash to make sure everyone has recycled their plastic bottles. If each person invested in a reusable water bottle, plastic ones would no longer be needed, putting into effect a drastic change in the amount of environmental waste we dispose of.

The Kool 8 is a treasure. It has exceeded all of my expectations that I set for it and it has become my prized possession. I can confidently say that after having the Kool 8 for a few weeks, it has been loyal and dependable. Now, I dream of ice cold water (and obviously still my lemonades and peach teas), and it’s all thanks to the Kool 8.



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