How to Pick out a Tie That’s a Good Fit for a Wedding

By admin / November 20, 2020

Weddings are one of the most important days in the lives of those joining in holy matrimony. No matter who they are, the odds are good that they’ve thought long and hard about what their wedding day will be like. Especially these days, when dating and engagements are lasting longer than ever before.

Of course, if you’re attending a wedding, you want to honor their special day. Even more, you’d rather not ruin absolutely every photo by wearing the wrong thing. But what to wear?

Picking the right tie is an often overlooked aspect of choosing the right wedding outfit. We’ve put together some tips n how to pick out a tie for the special occasion!

How To Pick Out A Tie For A Wedding

Men’s fashion is sometimes easy to ignore or forget about. After all, it’s remained largely unchanged for at least the last one hundred years. Black trousers, black shoes, button down shirt – what else is there to know?

Unfortunately, this oversight means it’s easy to forget about details like how to pick out a tie. And as every fashion lover knows, the details are everything.

This mindset is also a bit of an over-simplification, as anyone who pays attention to men’s fashion can tell you. First of all, there are a lot of variations simply within the black trousers/white shirt template, for instance. Look at the sleek, slim-fitting silhouette of a seersucker suit versus the elegance of a shawl lapel suit. Something as simple as the cut of a suit can have a major impact on what kind of wedding tie you ending up choosing.

Here are some other tips on how to pick out a tie for a wedding.

Is There A Color Scheme?

This is one detail that a lot of guys overlook when choosing their wedding attire. It’s easy to forget that colors even exist sometimes when it seems like black, white, or maybe gray, blue, or beige are the only colors you need to worry about.

First of all, that’s also an over-simplification. There’s more to life than black ties. The classic black tie could even be a misstep depending on the mood and theme of the wedding you’re attending.

You should always check and see if there’s a particular color scheme or theme for a wedding you’re attending. It might not be on your radar, but you can rest assured it’s a big deal to the bridal party. It’s entirely common for the bride’s maids to wear matching outfits, for instance.

Often times, the groomsmen will match the bridesmaids’ outfits with a corresponding corsage or maybe a stylish kerchief. If there is a color scheme, this is an easy idea for picking out a tie.

Some weddings have themes, as well. Someone might be hosting a nautical-themed wedding, for instance. Themed weddings are the perfect opportunity for print patterns, as well. Like floral wedding ties are a good choice for garden weddings, for instance.

What’s In Right Now?

While it might seem like men’s fashion is timeless and eternal, there’s actually a lot of room for variation within the shirt, tie, and jacket format alone. Thinking about the current tastes and trends can do a lot towards informing your wedding tie decision. It can also help you avoid some embarrassing missteps.

Think about the ties from the 1970s, for instance. They were often wider than a VW bus. Although nearly every fashion style comes back around and enjoys a resurgence, this is one fashion that’s stayed gone.

Now imagine you hadn’t paid any attention to the fashion magazines when the 80s rolled around. It’d be a good thing your tie was so wide, as you’d need to hide behind it to hide your shame.

Fashion trends are constantly changing, so do some research as the wedding approaches. You can always read some men’s fashion magazines like GQ, for instance. Or if you have a friend that you know to have good taste, you migtht check in with them as well.

Bow ties were trending for a number of years, up until recently, just to give you some ideas to inform your browsing.

When Is The Wedding?

When a wedding happens can influence choosing the right tie as much as, if not more than, what you’re wearing. Is the wedding in the dead of winter, for instance? Bright, cheerful colors like lemon yellow or salmon might seem out of place and garish in that circumstance.

Think about the seasonal color pallets to help you choose an appropriate tie. The cooler months tend to favor cooler colors. That means that grays, blues, and some pastels might be a nice choice for an autumn or winter wedding. You can think about the seasons themselves, as well.

Autumn also has a kaleidoscopic array of warmer colors you might choose from, like pumpkin orange or goldenrod. Springtime also has an explosion of shades and hues you can pick, from tranquil robin’s egg blue to daffodil yellow.

Spending some time and picking out the right tie for a wedding is a simple, easy way to contribute to someone’s special day. It’s subtle but also helps set the tone, putting everyone in the right mindset to help the bride and groom begin their life as newlyweds in peace and contentment!

Looking For More Fashion Advice?

Fashion never stops. It doesn’t even slow down. Keeping up with fashion trends is a full-time job in and of itself. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to pick out a tie for a wedding or for tips on choosing fashion for kids, you’ll find something to inspire you among our pages. Browse the rest of our lifestyle section for even more fashion insights and inspiration!

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