How to Have Shoe Game: 7 Effective Tips

By admin / February 14, 2022


More than 23 billion are produced globally every year. Sneakers represent a large portion of these shoes, thanks to the widespread sneaker culture worldwide.

Wearing sneakers is no longer the reserve of athletes. These shoes have far transcended that function, going on to become highly coveted symbols of fashion. It’s no wonder that sneakers are now a $79 billion industry.

If you recently decided to become a sneakerhead, then one of the first things you need to know is how to have a shoe game. People pay attention to the shoes you wear and how you wear them. Here are seven easy tips to blow their minds with your sneaker game.

1. Start a Sneaker Collection

You cannot have a shoe game if you don’t have shoes in the first place, so you need to start a collection. Begin by identifying a sneaker silhouette you like.

Sneakers come in a wide variety of styles, from low-top to high-top to basic. They’re also available in an endless array of shades, with classic whites and blacks among the most popular.

Create a sneaker budget to ensure that you’re not spending most of your money on new kicks. The smartest move is to start with something simple, such as with a pair of white Air Force ones. Mix it up with some new entrants in the market, such as the Air Max 550.

Remember to buy multiples so you can swap your shoes out regularly. It’s one of the secrets to making your shoes last longer.

2. Research Widely

As a sneaker lover, you need to stay up to speed on the latest in the sneaker world. Read up on the types of sneakers and the best shoes to wear depending on the occasion and the weather. See what trendsetters say about how to be fashionable with sneakers.

A little research also helps a lot when you’re buying sneakers. Just like there’s a huge sneaker industry, the counterfeit market is also colossal. You know how to tell the authentic from the fake.

Next, be informed about which sellers are the most trustworthy when buying shoes. This is especially important if you’re shopping online, where scams abound.

3. Get It Right When It Comes to Matching

One of the common questions you hear when it comes to shoes is what you should match them with. Many fashionistas will tell you that you can match your sneakers with anything you’re wearing. However, you shouldn’t fret if your kicks don’t match any part of your outfit.

It’s common practice to match a simple but elegant pair of shoes with a belt or bag. Some fashion lovers opt for colorful shoes that don’t necessarily have to match anything. A patterned shoe will make just about any monochromatic outfit look exquisite.

4. Know How to Accessorize

One surefire way to make your look more outstanding is to accessorize. Regardless of the shoe style, you’re rocking, adding accessories can add a lot of depth to the overall look.

When it comes to accessories, you won’t be adding accessories to the shoe itself. Instead, you’ll wear the accessories on your ankles or feet, making your footwork more interesting.

Some of the most popular shoe accessories on the market right now are ankle wraps. Some big shoe brands already have these wraps on the market.

5. Keep Your Shoes Clean

You can’t expect to look your best if your sneakers are dirty. That’s why you need to set aside time to clean them before you rock them.

Every week, give your shoes a quick rub down using a moist sponge, paper towel, or rag. Of course, you can clean them more often if they need it. Then, once every month, give your shoes some deep cleaning, using a proper shoe cleaning kit.

Remember to tackle the stink as well. Note that the smell coming out of your shoes is bacteria that lives on your feet, in your socks, and inside your kicks. Thankfully, there’s shoe spray that helps kill the pesky bacteria quickly and leaves your shoes smelling nice.

6. Use a Shoehorn

A shoehorn is a nice little tool to have when wearing your shoes. It ensures that you don’t have to stomp your feet when wearing your sneakers, which can damage the backs of your shoes over time. These simple tools help make it easy for you to wear your shoes while also protecting your sneakers over time.

Along with a shorn horn, find some top-quality shoe trees. These tools help maintain the shape of your shoes when you’re not wearing them.

7. Tie Your Sneakers Well

This step may sound trivial, but it’s little details like these that separate the gentlemen from the boys when it comes to the shoe game. Pay attention to how you tie your sneakers if they have laces.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it well. Learn from those who know how to tie your sneakers in such a way that they lay flat.

A better solution is to learn how to hide the laces entirely. Long, floppy, ill-toed shoelaces can quickly ruin an otherwise great outfit.

Keep Your Shoe Game Top Notch at All Times

It’s no secret that your shoes play an important role in how people view you. That’s why it pays to invest in great shoes and wear them well. With the simple guidelines we’ve shared here, you can keep your shoe game at the top.

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