How to determine if the coffee beans are fresh?

By admin / February 10, 2020

For many of us out there, a cup of coffee in the morning means so much and is the only thing that fades away all the disorientation and the mundane feelings from our mind and body. If you are a coffeeholic, then stale and bitter coffee is surely your worst enemy. Finding fresh coffee is not an easy task, and only true coffee connoisseurs can spot the difference between an average and supreme quality coffee beans.

So, we are here with some efficient ways to identify the fresh coffee beans that will make you kick-up your energy levels and feel fresh and energetic for the day:

1. There are roasting date and packaging date mentioned on each coffee pack, and if these dates show significant “time-gap,” then they must have gotten stale and lost the freshness you are looking for. If you are looking for the freshest beans, then buying them from a local roaster is a great idea. Moreover, if you are incapable of finding one, then there are plenty of online roasters who will roast coffee beans a day before your order ships.


But checking the roasting date is mandatory here too. We are emphasizing on checking the roasting date because coffee beans have essential oils that give coffee beans their flavor, and they will start evaporating once they get exposed to air. Hence freshly roasted beans are mandatory.

2. While buying coffee beans online or from an online roaster, order in bulk and make sure to check the content thoroughly. Mostly, the beans are broken and of low-quality, and if that is the case with your order, then skip this supplier next time.

Make sure to smell the coffee beans as the freshest one will give a breathtaking authentic smell and will surely bring delight to each cuppa of your mornings.

3. If freshness is the only significant aspect for you when buying coffee beans online, then purchase whole-beans coffee always. Ground coffee can go stale in under 30 minutes! Yes, in just 30 minutes!!

4. Many people will advise you to store the beans in the freezer, but that’s a bogus idea. Instead, it would help if you store coffee beans in an airtight, opaque container in a cool and dark place. Not only the extreme temperature of the freezer will affect the flavor of your coffee beans but also due to beans porous nature, it will absorb the taste of other food present in your freezer. And if that happens, we are sure that you won’t even want to smell your coffee again.

If preserving coffee beans is a task for you, and you consider yourself a bit careless, then buy the coffee beans online in small quantities every time, in the form of a subscription.

5. Now another tip is to invest in a burr grinder. It costs a bit more than the regular blade grinder but provides more consistency with minimal heat while grinding coffee beans. In the end, you will get a more consistent and thorough grind, and due to its minimum heat temperature feature, the taste of coffee beans won’t get compromised.

But make sure to grind just before brewing.

6. One thing that sometimes affects the freshness of coffee beans is the water that is being used to prepare it. We recommend using cold and freshwater for brewing rather than the tap water, as it can affect the purity and flavor of the beans.

So make sure you use filtered or distilled water to enjoy a perfect, energetic cup of joy.

So these were some well-observed tips for you to make every cup of your coffee filled with freshness and joy. We hope you’d bear these tips in mind!

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