Finding The Right Car Model To Lease

By admin / May 7, 2018

Deciding on the type of car to lease is as important as signing the deal itself. You will want a car that is efficient in both performance and safety. It is part of a well thought out plan to settle for a car that will assist you in saving money in the long run. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the car to lease.

What do you need a car for?

The best approach to leasing is examining the need rather than the money aspect of it. Consider your family members or those you will probably use the car with, how often you commute or if the car is for business or personal use. This will help you chose a car with the right size, engine power and mileage restriction as per the leasing agreement.

Also, consider car features like engine transmission mode (manual or automatic), cargo capacity, and safety features incorporated in the design, and if you have enough parking space.

How much are you able to spend

You will need to do your math to find the cheapest lease deals. Getting to know how much you can part with monthly will assist you to choose a car that is within your range. Your monthly car payments should not exceed 30% of your total earnings. There are online calculators to help you arrive at a monthly estimated figure you can use to negotiate with the car dealers.

Compare different car brands 

You will find a variety of cars that you can comfortably afford. It is good to compare the qualities of different cars and the different rates by different car leasing companies. At the end of the day, you must get the best and most affordable option available. Read reviews and road test experiences on the different models from different online sites. Only go for the cars you feel meet your criteria. Compare the residual value of each car and pick cars with a high residual value as they do not depreciate quickly.

Prepare to negotiate 

Most people are not aware of the discounts and negotiations that are possible. Most companies do not advertise the discounts much. However, you can visit the dealer and discuss the various payments and discounts. Always negotiate the sale price downwards before revealing that you want to lease the car. Do your homework on leasing terms. If you are able to create an impression that you have knowledge of car leasing deals, you will have an upper hand when negotiating.

You are now ready to lease the car of your choice. Before signing the deal, remember to go through the contract carefully. Look out for additional costs such as taxes, acquisition and surrender fees. These fees are also negotiable. Make sure every detail about the car you have chosen is accurately stated in the contract. With these tips, you will definitely pick the best car for your lease.

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