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By admin / December 29, 2017

If you’re like most people, then you think size matters around the holidays. You save all your mental anguish for the big-ticket items you want to leave under the tree. Now that you’re exhausted and burnt out, you realize you’d made a huge tiny mistake: you still have stocking stuffers to buy, but after checking of the year’s Xbox One Xs and iPhone Xs from your list, you have no more energy to tackle your next chore.

It would take a Christmas miracle to think up ways to fill your family’s stocking. Well, here it is: a stocking stuffer guide aimed at making your life easier this holiday, and you don’t even need to know an angel named Clarence to read it!

Lottery Tickets

It’s a time-honored addition to stockings everywhere, but it’s an easy one to overlook if you don’t usually gamble on scratch tickets. Many of the most popular scratch games come in holiday-themed packets, so you don’t have to go out on a limb and choose these tickets at random. Of course, you could also print out a ticket for nation-wide lotteries, like the Powerball, which regularly generates a potential jackpot of $100 million.

Imagine if someone in your family was a winner. Even if they don’t win the jackpot, they’re an easy way to keep people occupied on an easy-breezy Christmas day.

Citrus Fruit

The wintertime citrus fruit is another classic stocking stuffer with origins dating back centuries. While your fridge may be stocked with orange juice on any given day, this fruit wasn’t as common years ago. They were an unusual sweet treat for anyone who didn’t have constant access to fresh fruit.

But where did this tradition start? An old legend has it that St. Nick left gold coins to the daughters of a father who couldn’t afford their dowries. While solid gold is hard to come by, their citrus stand-ins were a little easier to find for anyone hoping to recreate the story around the holidays.

While the exact origin story of these oranges may have been lost over the years, it’s still a nice reminder to eat some fruit in between handfuls of shortbreads and gingerbread men. It’s also much better than another stocking tradition: a lump of coal!

A set of Android or iPhone skins

A customized set of Android or iPhone skins would be a perfectly coordinated stocking stuffer. Also known as wraps or decals iPhone and Android skins envelope devices in a customized design of your choosing. When it comes to amazing colors and textures, the selection from dbrand offers up exclusive designs you can’t find anywhere else, including the first-ever skin compatible Grip case that strengthens the phone’s resilience to impacts and enhances its grip.

From premium hardwood and stone textures to true colors and carbon fiber finishes, there’s something for every member of the family, regardless of their smartphone — including you! If you opted to upgrade this fall, then you may want to protect your amazing new iPhone X with a set of skins for your own. When it comes to skins iPhone X users would benefit the most from their addition, since its glass backing is a magnet for trouble.

Funko Pops

Did your family binge-watch Stranger Things 2 together? If the answer is yes, several times, then you could get everyone a Funko Pop figurine of the cast. Whether it’s Eleven, Hopper, or Dustin, there’s a pint-sized version of everyone’s favorite character available.

It’s not just the latest Netflix original series to get this treatment. Now that Funko Pops have taken over the world, there’s a Funko for almost every character from popular shows, movies, video games, and comics. It doesn’t matter whether you go for a theme with your chosen collectibles are pick and choose between fandoms. These chibi-like figurines are hard for kids and adults to resist once they take in their oversized heads, huge eyes, and tiny noses.

A subscription box membership

What is a subscription box membership you ask? It’s the latest trend sweeping the nation that lets people sample unusual or niche itemsfor a monthly fee. They arrive in the aforementioned box once a month, and come with samples that relate to the box’s theme. The most popular subscription boxes involve food, and they come curated with special snacks meant to delight certain palates or diet restrictions with vegan or gluten-free treats.

If your family isn’t made up of chefs and foodies, don’t worry. There’s a subscription box for nearly every interest and hobby, including beauty, books, tea, socks, and miscellaneous loot. Many of them come in a wide range of delivery options, so you can choose for it arrive just once or every month for a year if you so desire.

And there you have it! Quick and affordable options that you’ll have no problem fitting in your family stockings. Best of all, they don’t require a huge amount of brainpower to order in time for the holidays, which means you can focus your energy on the rest of the holidays.

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